This isn’t my first rodeo and although I’ve sat for – and passed FAR before, that was two years ago and I didn’t take anything for granted this time. All totaled, I probably spent over 100 hours studying and worked 2000+ MCQs. Still, I was surprised, but not overwhelmed by any means with what I encountered today. For starters, FAR is a mile wide and an inch deep. I expected certain topics to be hit more than others. That didn’t happen – it was a little bit of everything. I couldn’t tell you one topic that I felt was tested on more than others. My first testlet was cake. It was easy and the questions were a sentence or two on average – very easy on the eyes and self esteem. I was cruising. I have a terrible habit however of clicking the “next” button or whatever it is and […]

Since I bought myself (literally) an extra 10 days to study, I’ve set the software aside and have been methodically going through the Wiley book and doing Yaeger‘s recommended questions per section. I work the problem and then read the answer. Instead of flipping back and forth from the questions to the answers, I have found it very helpful to tear out the answers and staple them together. So that I don’t lose my place and also to gauge my progress, at the start of each module I take Yaeger‘s list of recommended questions and write all of the question numbers down on a small piece of notebook paper and then write the answers down on the sheet instead of the book. This can be tedious and patience testing (yes, I get up and walk around after every 10-15 questions it seems), but I have found that it is very […]

I may have been a bit too cavalier about cramming for FAR. It’s one thing to go through all of your material…it’s another to actually review it. So, I hit the eject button and decide to reschedule to November 4. Easy enough, right? Maybe not. In my new e-mail confirmation from Prometric it reads RESCHEDULE / CANCEL POLICY After you have made an appointment for an examination section you may find it necessary to change or cancel an appointment. Be aware that you may be required to pay a reschedule fee or forfeit your examination fees, depending on when you notify Prometric of the change or cancellation. Changes made 5 to 30 days prior to your appointment will be assessed a $35 fee. Changes made less than 5 days prior will be assessed $95.40. Note: Any changes made 24 hours or less prior to your appointment will forfeit your fees […]

I worked until 1am last night wrapping up the Yaeger CPA Review FAR Disc 9 and wasn’t sure what today would bring. Twice within the span of 4 hours I had my payment info loaded onto Prometric’s site and a new date selected (November 4) and all I had to do was hit “confirm” and put my exam back a week or so, but I just couldn’t do it for some reason. I still had discs 10, 11, 12, and 13 to go as of this morning. Thankfully, work was slow (and my boss is very nice), so I sat at my desk and worked through discs 10-13 throughout the day and into the evening and I am now done with Yaeger‘s FAR program. Was it easy to sit there for 12+ hours (I worked each 4 hour DVD in about 3 hours using the time stretch feature on my […]

I gave in and decided to push my exam back a week so that I would have a calm week to review and do MCQs. They wanted $95 to reschedule my exam. I decided to wait until Wednesday to decide what to do. If I can plow through the rest of my lectures and have all day Thursday (I’m taking a day off from work) to do MCQs and review, I’m going for it. If I’m not done with my DVDs by late Wednesday, I’m postponing it a week. I’m ready to be done with this thing, but also don’t want to rush and be posting again in January about an upcoming FAR exam.

I’m only on Disc 6 out of 13 of Yaeger‘s FAR program. I was out of town last week for work…got minimal studying done because I was…lazy. Yada Yada. I have a only a few days to get through this program. Most would say that I’m too behind to still take the exam on Friday. I’m not most people. Don’t underestimate my ability to cram like a madman and have success. See: AUD (35 hours). Stress and anxiety is exactly what I need to study and pass this exam. Why couldn’t I just be a normal candidate and do it the right way? Back to Pensions…