Alex writes in, Hey, Jeff, How are you? So, I took FAR a couple weeks ago. If I pass it, then I’ll be done. If not, I’m going to have to retake FAR, obviously, but also BEC. I’ve purchased some NINJA products for you in the past. I’ve used Rogers CPA Review as well. I probably shouldn’t even be thinking of what my study plan would be like if I didn’t pass. I know I’ll probably get Ninja MCQ and get cray-cray with those, but my question is, in your experience, what has been the longest you recall someone going through the studying process. For me, I’m not very bright. It’s been over four years now and I haven’t taken breaks. I mean, my family and I have gone on vacation for a week here and there, but my process has been consistent over four years since I began studying. […]

what is the cpa exam score release

The question that comes up a lot is, What is the CPA Exam Score Release? What is it? People sign up to take the CPA exam, and when it comes to the CPA Exam score release, they don’t really understand what it is and how it works. So here we go. You go to Prometric because you signed up through NASBA to take the CPA exam. Now, so you go to Prometric … because NASBA gives you permission. However, the CPA exam is administered by the AICPA, who is in charge of the CPA Exam and in charge of the content. NASBA is the one that gives you permission to walk in, Prometric is the entity that records your CPA Exam. After you take your exam, things get a little complicated. When people get upset with the AICPA about the CPA Exam score release, it’s actually not the AICPA that […]

Saba says, How far in advance did you study for the CPA Exam? In what order did you take the CPA Exam? I’m planning on finishing them all in 2018, but I have audit and special topics, like, consolidations and corporate tax. But I feel like I need to be constantly reviewing because I’m forgetting the minutia of the topics. I’m taking the Enrolled Agent exam, okay, first of December, so I can start working before I pass the CPA exam, but that’s the only part of the exam, so I feel like I should be reviewing way in advance. Any tips will be helpful for someone who has one to two semesters left. Do not start studying for the CPA exam until you are eight weeks out from exam day. So, you don’t have to have your notice of schedule but if you know that you’re taking your exam […]


CPA Reviewed Podcast #85 – What is the CPA Exam Score Release? – BEC overhead variances – an easy way to remember? – Multiple choice question topics that aren’t discussed in CPA Review study materials? – Studying out of order? – REG – 2018 – Is this for CPA Test takers this year? – Business Law 40% of Regulation MCQ? – Taken 19 Exams and doubting myself. Have a CPA Exam Study Question? Need Help Balancing Life and the CPA Exam? You can Ask Jeff, and your question will be answered in the next CPA Exam Podcast. Ready to Kick the CPA Exam in the Face on Exam Day? Get Free NINJA CPA Review Materials that will help you… Study Less Avoid Common CPA Candidate Mistakes Get Higher Scores Spend More Time with Friends and Family Finally Pass and Get On With Your Life?  

Mark writes in, I’m very nervous. I feel like I have to be an accounting expert to pass the CPA Exam and I’m overwhelming myself, in other words, I need to memorize the entire book Becker sent me. All I’m doing is taking a test. I would appreciate some feedback. OK. So, I don’t know which exam you’re taking. Here’s the deal, the CPA review courses, they have to put all of the information in their course because you could be tested over pretty much anything. So while that information is in the course, is in the book, whatever, you can’t get bogged down. And you can’t get too in the weeds on the material. FAR is a mile wide and an inch deep, and I think someone else came up with that, but I can’t remember who, and at the time it kind of seemed like I did, this […]