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The #1 issue CPA Exam Candidate contend with is… finding the time to study.

That is why we created the ELL (Early, Late Lunch) Study Planner.

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Video – CPA Exam Nonissuer Review

Heidi writes in, “Can you provide some examples of WHY a nonissuer would get a review done? I’m trying to understand the purpose of a review, as it provides only limited assurance, and does not seem to be a required process. I would like to know, WHY reviews of financial statements exist.”   Have a […]

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Video – CPA Exam Blueprints

Felix writes in, “How do you use the CPA Exam Blueprints?”   Have a CPA Exam Study Question? Send it below and I’ll personally answer as soon as possible.   To Your CPA Exam Success, Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS) Another71.com & NINJA CPA Review        

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Video – CPA Exam AGI Phaseouts

Melissa writes in, “I’m just beginning my REG studies for the CPA Exam, going through the NINJA book. Haven’t really got to the NINJA Notes yet, so sorry if my following question is in the Notes. Is there a table of Individual AGI phaseouts? I feel like there are various deductions, credits, that have phaseouts, […]

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Video – CPA Exam REG Study Tips

Terri writes in, “I’m taking my REG CPA Exam retake on Friday! What do you think my best focus is for the last couple of days before go time? If you had to pick a subject to concentrate on this close to the exam what would it be?”   Have a CPA Exam Study Question? […]

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Video – Failed CPA Exam Possibly. What Next?

Christopher writes in, “I took the BEC CPA Exam on Monday. Should I switch over to the Audit CPA Exam now, or continue working with BEC? I do not think I passed BEC. I had a hard first testlet, and didn’t finish the WC.”   Have a CPA Exam Study Question? Send it below and […]

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Video – CPA Exam MCQ vs. SIM Breakdown

Hieu writes in, “I have about 3 weeks out until my CPA Exam for FAR and would like to know your opinion on my study plan. I read the NINJA Book (more like skimmed it and read the examples) and now i am just hammering the Non-Stop MCQs. I just reset my data for NINJA […]

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Video – CPA Exam vs. CFA Exam vs. CMA Exam

Mark writes in from Twitter, “How do the CMA and CFA exams compare to the CPA? Are they just as challenging? I was watching your Facebook Live video and was hoping you would have seen this then since you took a question from Twitter. Your material helped me pass the CPA Exam. The low cost […]

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Video – CPA Exam Part to Take First in 2018

Sam writes in, “What exam do you recommend taking first for someone that graduated over 17 years ago? Also, will the NINJA course be enough for me to take the tests or do you recommend to use it as complementary to other courses like Wiley.”   Have a CPA Exam Study Question? Send it below […]

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Video – CPA Exam REG Entity vs. Individual Taxation

Asad writes in, “Hi Jeff, My REG CPA Exam is scheduled for August 24th. I just finished going through Becker and I am now reviewing and doing NINJA MCQ. “I had a question about the best way to tackle REG. I thought about breaking it up how you have the NINJA Notes and the AICPA […]

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Video – CPA Exam Prep: Active Learning vs Passive

Scott writes in, “Jeff, I took my FAR CPA Exam last Thursday after studying for 2 months and feel decent about it. I’ve passed REG and BEC and have my arch-nemesis AUD left. I used Roger for all of my previous failed attempts and typically watch videos, take notes, then work MCQ at the end […]

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