Ask the NINJAs: Recommended CPA Exam Section Study Time

23 Oct 2017

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

1) In your opinion, if using NINJA CPA Review, what is the recommended CPA Exam study time?

2) In the How to Study for the CPA Exam video you mentioned taking notes while reading the book. If I am constantly listening to the audio do I still need to take the notes?

Thanks for creating this product!


Dear Lawrence,

Your traditional CPA Review courses are going to take 7-8 weeks of studying per CPA Exam section.

Thankfully, you're a NINJA and can shave about two weeks off of your study time due to the fact that:

1) NINJA Book is 50-75% lighter than other textbooks because it only contains content tested on the CPA Exam

Example: FAR NINJA Book is 600-ish pages vs 1,200 for other CPA Review books.

2) The NINJA Study Framework saves you from working an extra 1,000-2,000 MCQs unnecessarily per exam.

CPA Exam SectionStudy Hours Per WeekTotal Weeks

The NINJA Book should be your main source of concept mastery. Consider anything that sticks by listening to the audio as gravy (mmmm…gravy), because those are bonus study minutes.

(Kind of like gravy is awesome bonus calories).

Be sure to take Notes over the NINJA Book if you can.

Important: If you find yourself getting bogged down – just get through the NINJA Book as quickly as possible … skimming is ok, and recover by pounding NINJA MCQ and taking insane notes over what you miss in NINJA MCQ.

The most-important ingredient (besides biscuits and … gravy) with CPA Exam studying is momentum.

Don't lose your momentum because you hate taking notes … just call an audible (OMAHA!) and do whatever keeps you going.


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