Retaining Information + Ready to Pass REG Again

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One day to testing again!….

I am feeling somewhat confident. I have passed REG before. Even on the first try!

However, with so many failures under my ninja belt (see what I did there), I still doubt myself. You can see that I am exhausted from the anxiety and stress and my body has been running in overdrive mode…However, there is hope that I get to:

1. See the new format in its glorious appearance and,
2. Pass REG again

How am I doing from a knowledge standpoint? I have been scoring in the high 70's with the NINJA MCQ and I have been retaining a lot of the material.

What am I doing the night before? I am making my cheat sheet that I use to memorize right before I get out of the car and walk into Prometric. Then I quickly regurgitate on our 2 pieces of washable note pads.

I plan on cooking a breakfast tonight for tomorrow morning. Probably consist of scrambled eggs, some protein in the form of fish or sausage and then maybe some yogurt. And Coffee! Coffee!

I will update you with how it goes afterwards.

Just keep swimming.

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