Video: Taking Too Many CPA Exam Notes

Jennifer says I’m trying to follow the NINJA framework while studying for the CPA Exam using only NINJA CPA Review Materials and noticed that I’m having problems retaining the information. I’m so focused on taking notes of what I feel like is important in the notes section of the NINJA framework, that I’m not retaining anything that I’m reading. I’m essentially rewriting the entire BEC NINJA book because I feel like I can’t pick out what the most important parts are. How do I take notes and make it through the entire book? I’m also a visual learner. So any advice would be appreciated. Okay if you find yourself using NINJA CPA Review materials or anything else, getting stuck in the CPA Exam weeds like you’re just slogging through video two out of 20 or whatever or you’re having trouble with NINJA Book. You’re like man everything just seems important. […]

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