Success: NINJA 50,000 MCQ Challenge – BLITZ Unlocked

15 Sep 2015



Update (9/15/15): You did it AGAIN, NINJAs – 50,000 MCQ!

(during a blackout month, no less…HIYA!)

NINJA BLITZ has been unlocked for all current (and future) NINJA MCQ subscribers.

Simply log into NINJA MCQ and you'll have BLITZ access.

The Details: Whatever NINJA MCQ section(s) you have access to, you also have NINJA BLITZ access for that section.

Q: If I buy NINJA MCQ now – do I still get it?

A: Yes – You benefit from the hard work of the NINJA Community. Don't worry – you'll have your opportunity to pay it forward soon enough in a future 50k challenge

Q: How long does the access last?

A: October 31


Go here:

Want to demo NINJA BLITZ?

Go here:



steve 9 years ago

I am in!

Zoe 9 years ago

I'm in!

Alecia 9 years ago

I am in !

Jason 9 years ago

I'm in, I did 50 yesterday, let's see how many I can get through today and tomorrow!

Cygogne 9 years ago

I am in too. let's get started

Undeniabletwins2 9 years ago

Me too.

Brett 9 years ago


Kate 9 years ago

270 so far today

Mike 9 years ago

50 so far, but the night is still young

Hyesung Joo 9 years ago

350 Are we going to make it?

Richard Wyse 9 years ago


Cindy 9 years ago

I am in. I completed 264 MC so far. I hope to get to 500 MC questions by the deadline.

April 9 years ago

So far 35 working on 60 by 10pm. Next time I'm going to get more done!

Jeff - 9 years ago

Please post your scores on the forum so that they all get tallied. I will make one big adjustment taking all of these (5,880) into account, so anything new you post is new progress. jeff

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