BEC CPA Exam: Tips For Passing

BEC CPA Exam is the term used for the CPA exam section testing candidates on Business and Economic Concepts. Any popular topic associated with the global and/or local business world, other than standard accounting, can show up on this exam section. A well-rounded CPA knows more than accounting, and this section makes sure only the highest qualified candidates become a member of the elite. Below are some tips to improve your passing rate.

Brush Up On Writing Skills

This portion of the CPA Exam is the only section of four that involves writing. Everything you supply will be graded by highly qualified examiners. Therefore, it is pertinent to review your English grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills. Examiners will take points off for poor usage of any mentioned components.

As a professional, you will be expected to provide clients with well-thought out, succinct and expert written materials. Examiners need to see your expertise in this area.

Tackle It Early

It is easy to believe that since this section does not focus on complicated financial and/or accounting issues, it can wait until last. Many candidates use this technique, only to run out of examination time. Writing takes thought, organization, and skills that combine to form professional quality answers. It demands respect. When sitting for more than one section, limit your frustration by tackling this unique section early in the examination process.

Study Non-Accounting Topics

Unlike the majority of the CPA exam, this portion of the exam focuses on topics other than strictly accounting related subjects. Professional CPAs need to know about economic concepts, business law, business formation types, tax implications, business strategy, and information technology. Prepare yourself accordingly by gaining a well-rounded education from both your advanced level courses and a popular program like NINJA CPA Review.

Be Patient

Of course, patience is a virtue when it comes to waiting for your final results. That is particularly true when it applies to the BEC CPA Exam. Since this portion involves the human touch, in the form of hand grading, results will take longer. Each exam must be reviewed twice, by two separate individuals.

Don't Underestimate The Difficulty

Many candidates mistakenly believe that since this section does not involved the technical aspect of accounting, the difficulty level is less than the other sections. Do not make this mistake. Final scores continually reveal that this section still has a high fail rate, the same as the other three sections.

Prepare yourself efficiently and thoroughly by utilizing a popular and reputable CPA Review course. NINJA CPA Review continually rates high among users.

Utilize Different Formats

Add excitement and interest to your studying program by using a variety of educational tools. The key to retaining knowledge is stimulating the mind. Use a variety of memory aids including flashcards, notes, books, simulated exams, multiple choice questions, and other tools. Your retention level will thank you.

Knock out the BEC CPA Exam by choosing and implementing one or more of the above-mentioned tips. The sooner you start, the better prepared you will be. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be in everything associated with this most difficult of professional examinations. Choose to be among the winners! Good luck and keep trucking!