CPA Exam Cost/CPA Exam Fees: What You Need To Know

Congratulations on deciding to pursue your career dream of becoming a Certified Pubic Accountant. It is an investment in yourself and professional career. As with any investment, you must consider the details in order to develop a realistic, manageable budget. It involves administration, application, and examination fees. Below are some factors to take into consideration when calculating the actual CPA Exam Cost/CPA Exam Fees involved.

Review Course

A CPA review course will be one the most prudent investments you make. Choosing the correct program will save you money, time, and frustrations. Costs depend on the course type and provider. It goes without saying that if you are purchasing one exam section, instead of all, it will be cheaper. Live instruction is usually more expensive than video or book courses.

Depending on the provider, costs for all sections can range from a bundled, self-study program version being $997 to a live instruction program charging around $3,000. NINJA CPA Review provides a superior quality package for a very budget-friendly price of only $997.

Remember to check out the fine print of whatever course program you consider. Know exactly what your spending dollar is purchasing. Is customer service extra, or is it included in the purchase price? Is there a charge for more MCQs? If so, how much? Who developed those questions? Cover all of your bases.

Application Fees

Every state has its own application fee that every candidate must pay at time of registration. Since each state charges its own unique amount, it is highly recommended that you learn what that figure is by visiting your State Board of Accountancy's website.

Material Updates

Some courses charge for additional updates. When deciding on a study program, be sure to find out whether updates are free of charge. If you need to take any part of the exam again, this can add up to unexpected financial obligations. NINJA CPA Review offers free updates until you pass the entire exam.

Ethics Exam

In order to become a licensed CPA, you must pass the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam. It is administered as a self-study test and usually averages $150. Including this in the final costs of achieving your licensure is crucial.

Reimbursed Costs

Sometimes employers will pay the entire, or portion of, expenses involved. Talk with your employer. You may be lucky and have your employer pay for everything upfront. Also know that veterans can usually qualify for reimbursement dollars covering the exam, testing and preparation fees.

Convenience Cost

When tabulating your CPA Exam Cost/CPA Exam Fees, always consider your time. Time is money, especially when preparing for this professional exam. How easy is it to contact the materials provider? Are customer service representatives properly trained to answer professional-level questions? However you can lower your frustration level – do it. Know that NINJA CPA Review is developed by a CPA who saw flaws in the current system and went about providing clients with a realistic solution.

Miscellaneous Costs

As with any professional examination, you must include miscellaneous expenses. These can add up quicker than you thought possible. Add up commuting, lodging, parking, writing utensils, erasers, electrical devices, food, and other expenditures needed to efficiently fuel your mind and body throughout this arduous process.

Differentiate yourself from others by being fully aware of all CPA Exam Cost/CPA Exam Fees involved. Being fully prepared means having control over finances. Good luck!