How To Study For the CPA Exam

As a CPA candidate, you are faced with a plethora of concerns that may seem troubling, frustrating, or downright overwhelming. Everyone seems to have the perfect solution on how to study for the CPA exam. Utilizing the below information will improve your success rate.

Set Up a Study Schedule

Being a CPA means being self-disciplined. You must take it upon yourself to schedule studying around your daily living requirements. Think about everything that demands your time. It might be your workload, social obligations, or family obligations.

Make a list of all of these time constraints. Put them on a calendar. Find blocks of time that can be set aside specifically for studying without overlapping any thing. Be sure to get ample sleep time.

Know yourself when developing your plan. Do you learn better by yourself or in study groups? Is your mental alertness and/or retention better in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Scheduling your studying during this time will enhance the effectiveness of your studies by increasing your mental retention.

Inform Your Family and Friends

Once you develop a schedule, you must let others know that you will be available during those set times. When listening to tempting offers, make sure to politely mention your study schedule. If anyone persists, ask others to respect your wishes. Surround yourself with supportive people.

Set Up a Study Area

You need to keep free of distractions and other daily concerns when efficiently preparing for this arduous examination. Take the time to find an ideal location that is separate from your family's living area.

If possible, utilize a spare room. Make sure there is a closable door to enhance privacy and quietness. Have a comfortable, flat work space that allows you plenty of room to spread out textbooks, spreadsheets, and writing utensils. Avoid feeling cramped. This hampers study effectiveness. If no spare room is available, set up a corner of an available room that offers privacy.

Make Flash Cards

Flash cards are perhaps the most needed study tool when figuring out how to study for the CPA exam. Take the time to make a flash card with key points of every important subject matter. Carry these cards around with you at all times. Pull them out and review them whenever you have a few spare moments. Both digital and printed copies of these essential tools are available.

Marie How To Study For The CPA Exam

Take Practice Examinations

Getting a feel for a real-life exam, prepared by the AICPA, increases comfort and confidence. Be sure to include these exams in your study sessions. AICPA-prepared examinations help candidates learn about navigation, interfaces, and tools used during actual testing periods. You can only benefit. Visit  for more insight into how to study for the CPA Exam.

Use A Powerful CPA Review Program

With so many review programs available, you must find one with tools that suit your personality. Would you do better with a self-study or guided materials program? Look at the author/publisher credentials. A successful program will focus on saving a candidate time, money, and hassles. It will take into consideration popular test subjects. Be sure to find one that has a series of helpful study tips.

There is no better way to improve your pass rate than learning how to study for the CPA exam. Arm yourself with powerful learning tools that make studying fun, challenging, and effective. You can do it! Good luck!