Part 2: 17 Stupid Things Said by Family & Friends about the CPA Exam


Friends and Family sometimes don't know the right thing to say when trying to support CPA Candidates, so instead they say the wrong thing.

CPA Exam Review Forum members share some of the best worst things people have said to them about the CPA Exam.

  • macpass: I hate it when people see my CPA license. It looks exactly like the ones hair stylists have…Kinda anti-climatic to get certified and then have someone say “that looks like the one my barber has….”
  • hopefullydonesoon:
    Me: “I can't, I have to study.”
    Friend: “Come on kid, debits equal credits, that's all you need to know.”
  • waitinginKS: It's awesome when your boss tells you, multiple times, how much easier you have it now since you get to take each section one at a time. “It's so watered-down now-a-days…”
  • tpc711: Worst thing said to me, “What is to be proud of? A lot of people can do taxes.
  • ALOE: A few weeks ago I told my friend, who is still a senior in college, that I was about to start studying for another section of the CPA Exam. He said, “Ya I know how you feel. I've got the GRE's coming up.”
  • Tim94111:
    Me: The CPA exam is harder than I anticipated.
    Doofus: I know what you mean, I just took the real estate exam. It is one of the hardest exams out there.
    Me: Oh, I didn't know you were in real estate.
    Doofus: I am not any more, I am working with a friend doing cement work.
    True story I swear.
  • nervouswreck: I take AUD on Monday and have been telling my parents how nervous I am (it's my last part), so my father (aviation engineer) launches into what I need to do in order to master this test…including “Just buckle down and apply yourself.”…umm, what have I been doing for the past SIX MONTHS???
  • CPAWannaBe: I was at work last week on my laptop working multiple choice problems. Between answering the phone, dealing with the last minute procrastinators who waited until October 15 to bring their crap in, and doing payroll also due on the 15th, I was reaching my point.Someone walks in the office and goes, “Whatcha doin'? Playin' on that there internet at work. Must be nice.”I wanted to jump over my desk to tackle him (all 5 feet of me).
  • TampaAccountant:
    My Mother-in-Law: Your wife's cousin, David, just passed his H&R Block tax course with flying colors”! “Maybe you should speak with him so he can help you pass that silly CPA exam that you have been trying all summer to pass…I said, “Thanks…”
  • JylCo: I'm 10 years out of school and work in industry. When I ordered my software, a very full of himself CPA co-worker said, “You'll never do it, what a waste of money!” After I passed my first exam a different co-worker said, “I think I lost money on that!” Evidently, there was an office pool of people betting that I would never do it. I think my passing the 2nd one shut them up, and adding CPA to my e-mail signature really shut them up! Gotta love encouraging co-workers.
  • snhokie: My favorite (and this happened to me several times) was when someone would say “You'll be fine!” before I found out my score and then, after telling them that I passed, they'd say “See! I told you that you passed! You should have listened to me, I was right all along!”
  • BKO71: After several times of turning down offers to do something with a friend, the comment I received…in a very polite way… “Didn't you learn all this stuff in college?”
  • glutenator: I got one a while ago. “Oh, so you want to become a Certified Pain in the A**“?
  • stayingfocused:
    Coworker: So how's the CPA coming along?
    Me: It's good, just waiting for the score on my last section so hopefully I'll be done.
    Coworker: How do you think you did?
    Me: I don't know, I can never tell. Luckily I can take it a couple more times without losing other sections if I didn't pass though.
    Coworker: I prefer to just get it done the first time.
  • Cowpatty: “Dang and I passed it with only one weekend of cram.“…for FAR.
  • lemccaul: My Papaw, who I absolutely adore, is one that says “You're too smart to fail.” When I told him I had passed the third part he says “I know you did dumb***. If you'd just listen to me you wouldn't have stressed all this time.” LOL. Got to love that old man…
  • Amethyst8: My favorite is when I excitedly announced to family members after graduating that I was going to get my CPA and start the exam/study marathon, etc. One person said, “Oh, but that's REALLY hard. Are you sure you can do that?” Talk about the proverbial deflated balloon!
  • Carmen: I was talking to a friend of a friend at a party who works for a small public accounting firm. I became very interested in her when she told me that she was in public accounting. As I get to know her, I find out that she never felt “the need” to pursue a CPA license. When I told her about my aspirations, she said “It's just three little letters.” Ugh!
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