A Million Things to Do: Need to Focus on the CPA Exam

April 16, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Christie is a NINJA CPA Blogger. What did I get myself into??? I’ve been good about studying, but it seems like all of a sudden everyone else needs me for something. I’ve got a million other things I have to do in addition to study. My husband says I’m obviously studying enough when the other […]

Practical Experience: Studying BEC with NINJA MCQ

April 14, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Rollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Hello NINJAs! BEC studying is going well, however I miss my time at home. Repeat after me: “Never take 2 months off from studying!” It is so hard to get back into the routine, but the looming fear of losing REG in December 2015 keeps me somewhat motivated. In […]

Career Adjustment: CPA Study Plan Hits Speed Bumps

April 09, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Joshua is a NINJA CPA Blogger. I knew at the beginning of the CPA review process that there would be some speed bumps. Life rarely allows you uninterrupted continuity to complete something so long and draining as the CPA Exam without hitting you with a curveball. My original thoughts on the CPA were “get it […]

BEC Exam Prep: Study Plan in Place

Christie is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Study, study, study. That’s what I keep telling myself. I set my exam date for BEC the other day, April 20th. I think, no I KNOW, I can do it! In order to keep my kids and husband happy, I’ve come up with a study plan that should get […]

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