CPA Exam Question Frustration

June 22, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Sarah is a blogger If you’re looking for a pick me up to get you back on the studying wagon, you may want to skip this one… Lately I’m feeling really down about this whole process. I was flying high after I passed my last section, because all I’ve thought about for so long was […]

Finding Inner Peace in the CPA Study Schedule

Ashley is a blogger Do any of you practice yoga? I started practicing about five years ago and fell in love. I’m no expert, by any means, but it has quickly and increasingly become one of my favorite pastimes. It is one place I can go and focus on me and truly be present in […]

Motivation for the CPA Exam

Rollie is a blogger Hello NINJAs! Tomorrow is the day of reconciliation at Prometric and another chance to see Lyle. Lyle is the guy that checks you in and out at my center. You know you been to Prometric too many times when you greet each other at the grocery store by name… I am hoping […]

Getting through CPA study materials when life happens

Christy is a blogger I have been so unmotivated to study for the past week or so. There’s just been too much stress going on in my everyday life for me to feel like I could give studying my all. I had a major turnaround last night though. I sat down, read an entire chapter […]

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