Time is Short: Studying FAR + Starting New Job

July 14, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Joe is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Sorry it has been so long since my last entry. I was forced to move my test date until August 23rd, and this will be the final time this happens, because my NTS will officially expire in August! However, I have kept up with the materials and I entered […]

REG Study: Nailing the Videos + Taking Intense Notes

July 12, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Shannon is a NINJA CPA Blogger. I would have to think the hardest part of studying is Nailing the Videos, while taking Intense Notes. And by hard, I mean mentally hard. Possibly because it’s the first part of studying and you have to get the ball rolling. Or perhaps it’s hard to get motivated to […]

Renewed Motivation: Studying for the CPA Exam

July 11, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Ali is a NINJA CPA Blogger. NINJAs, I’m back. I don’t remember the last time I cracked open a review book or watched a video lecture. I had to dig deep into the Another71 archives to remember what my last post was about – it was that long ago. Since it’s been over a year […]

Finishing FAR Lectures + Hammering Out NINJA MCQ

July 07, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Rollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Dear NINJAs, Once again, it has been a long time since my last post even though I vow to myself to make the time period in between shorter. Hence, I am human and also a man, as my wife would say. Maybe this time I will finally learn. I […]

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