BEC Progress: Finishing Strong for Final Exam

March 31, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Hello NINJAs! Just under 5 weeks to the longest wait of my life! That’s right, my last exam is fast approaching and I am doing everything I can do to get ready. Then it will be a land of limbo. Never have I been at this point where I […]

Free CPA Review Materials & Study Planner

March 31, 2014 Featured, NINJA CPA Review

Your Free Download of NINJA-Awesomeness Includes: FAR – Financial Reporting (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) AUD – Engagement Planning (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) REG – Individual Taxation (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) BEC – Economics (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) NINJA Study Planner (FAR, REG, AUD, BEC) ELL™ Study PLAN […]

Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Tracey

March 29, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Tracey is a new NINJA CPA Blogger. My name is Tracey and I am a determined CPA hopeful and am a recent happily married newlywed, so starting this process now is tough on a new marriage. I start this interesting journey after debating for years about obtaining my CPA license. Finally after graduating with a […]

Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Ashley

March 28, 2014 NINJA CPA Review

Ashley is a new NINJA CPA Blogger. If you haven’t decided if you want to get your CPA license, then hopefully this blog will help you. I was in the same place so I feel your stress and indecision. The summer between my undergraduate graduation and the start of my Masters in Accounting program, I […]

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