Slaying the CPA Exam Monster

August 20, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Carolina is a . Hello NINJAs, I don’t know if any of you have followed my CPA journey since the first time I wrote for this blog. Oh boy! Has it been very difficult? Perhaps, this has been the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. Only when I thought things could not get […]

Finding a New Schedule While Studying for the CPA Exam

August 19, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Jenny is a . Why does life seem extra busy when you are trying to get stuff done? My to do list seems to grow instead of shrink. That is if I make a to do list. I am finding that I am not even getting to the items on my list so why create one? […]

Roll with it: Moving, New Job and AUD Exam

August 18, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Dustin is a . Not sure I am ready for everything coming for me. I don’t think there really is any way to be ready. I am moving in a couple of weeks and start my job in mid-September. I pretty much have everything taken care of for when I move to Boston (an apartment, […]

Putting the CPA Exam into Perspective

August 14, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Dustin is a . It has been a wild month. I am totally off course for my study plan, but I am trying to roll with it. The month started out great. Had a great week of studying before going on vacation where I hammered out about half of the materials for my next exam and […]

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