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jodi 12 years ago

Every time I click on my state it directs me to California. I tried a different state (other than mine) and it still directs me to CA. Seems the links don't work properly?

Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

It's a sign that you should move to California, Jodi :) None of the links worked this morning...a real mess...working on fixing it :)

Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

Should be fixed now...

JoMarie 12 years ago

Love it!!!

Kim 12 years ago

I took the AUD exam on the 20th day of the testing window. I know my test score might be released during the first release or I might have to wait until the next release. It all depends on when the testing center sent in my test. How long after the first release would I know if my test was scored or not? Thanks!

dave 12 years ago

I don't know if it's even feasible but an NTS ticker (like a stock ticker) would be an awesome idea during score release.

Mariluz 12 years ago

Jeff where is Puerto Rico???

stephanie 12 years ago

OMG, just release them! I just want to know! AHHHH!

Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

Sorry - no PR or DC on the map :( PR: https://www.estado.gobierno.pr/ DC: https://ncd.nasba.org/gwprdv2/servlet/hgwcs01

Shana 12 years ago

Are they released at midnight or are we looking at some time in the morning?

Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

Usually mid-day to as late as 6pm EST

Cristin 12 years ago

Still nothing from CT for FAR...I took the exam 7/1, so I'm tired of waiting! What the heck CT! Argh.

Shana 12 years ago

Has anyone received them? Still waiting in PA!

Bryce 12 years ago

Awesome idea Jeff! Very creative and practical use of the clickable map. I use the same one on my site for something else. Kudos to Pat Flynn??