CPA: The Importance of Those 3 Letters

28 Jun 2011

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Stephanie is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

I really don’t have much to blog about this week since I didn’t do much studying last week. I went on vacation Wednesday through Sunday. Then Monday through Tuesday I was running around town getting ready, doing my volunteering at the shelter and other errands.

I really have to buckle down this week. I will probably have to reschedule the test at this rate. My test is 7/11, and I’m just starting AUD-3. There are 5 chapters in Roger. This week is pretty open so I plan on really cracking down on the studying.

I got my score from taking FAR last month, and as expected I didn’t pass. I won’t go into what score I received, but needless to say, I did better than expected. My last few weeks of studying I was a mess, and I expected to bomb it. I ended up with a respectable failing score, and I’m sure next time I can pass. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased about a failing score. That was the first test I took in 2011, and I was surprised to see the new score reports don’t even have a “comparable score”.

I’m trying to formulate a schedule for this coming week and decide what will keep me motivated. Did everyone read Evan’s story? There are a lot of naysayers on the forums sometimes that boast about passing the exam the first time. That can get me down sometimes because I know I only have one person to blame for all of my failures. When I read Evan’s story, it reminds me that it will all be worth it once I have those 3 little letters behind my name. Especially in this rough job market and being unemployed, I have been reminded of the importance of those 3 letters.

Anyway…better get back to planning out my busy study week. Happy studying!!

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