CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 11

02 Aug 2011

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Well, I’m looking right in the face of BEC, and to be honest, I’m not all that comfortable with it. Even though I've gone back and practiced all of the questions three times, I’m still not at the confidence level I was when I took AUD three weeks ago.

Part of me blames myself for procrastinating and putting off the “hard parts” until a week before the exam. I've been going through each MCQ and writing down my notes for every one of them.

It took me close to five hours for the Cost Accounting section on Becker 1 (don’t even ask about B5)! Hopefully, they are just over preparing me for the MCQs, as they did for Auditing.

I do allow myself a “weak” section; B5 has become my entire “weak” section though. We’ll see if that gets me in the end.

There is no rest for the weary though. I take the BEC exam Friday, August 5th. On Sunday, August 7th I begin the Becker “Fast Pass” course in Seattle for *gulp* FAR. I’ll take all nine FAR classes over the process of about 14 days. Even worse, summer finally arrived in Seattle and I’m in the library from open to close.

I do feel lucky in some regards. This is just my 11th week of the studying process, and I am already half way through my first attempt at two of the exams. Over the next 12 weeks I will take a crack at FAR and REG and will, at the very least, have a good base to restudy for each section while I am working.

Does it usually take less time to restudy for a section or do you guys start over from the beginning?


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Blake 13 years ago

Ugh...Week should be weak...Ironic that I thought I would do just fine for the Written Communication!

Jeff - 13 years ago

I fixed :)

Shawn 13 years ago

If you've only got one "weak" section, I'd say you're in good hands. Good luck on the 5th!