CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 12

11 Aug 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

Well, I took BEC and have mixed emotions about it. On a solid 20 to 30 percent of the questions I had no preparation through Becker. That said, I felt that my overall business knowledge helped me do relatively well.

To satisfy my obsession with statistics, as well as my score, I keep track of how well I do during the exam, or at least how well I think I am doing. I keep track of my answers of which I am certain of as well as the answers where I eliminate two of the answers, one of the answers and none of the answers (guess).

After calculating my weighted average, I would guess I landed somewhere near a 70% to a 75% correct. Who knows what that means, of course. The written communication was a breeze, and I feel like I will get close to full credit. Now my waiting clock will continue with two sections as BEC and AUD were taken this window.

That was Friday, the 5th and I am now taking a crash course with Becker which started on the 7th. By this Sunday, I will already be through F5 in Becker, which is more than half way through. I’m worried the most about FAR because of the volume of information and the fact that I’ve been studying tax the last couple of years and my financial accounting classes were close to five years ago.

I also only have around one day to process an entire chapter of Becker FAR which leaves me no time to waste the next two weeks. I will do my best to keep up with FAR, but I am NOT going to push FAR into this testing window. I’ll wait until October to tackle it.


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