CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 5

27 Jun 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

Kicking it into 5th gear… I’m under two weeks from my exam, and it’s time to get dead serious on studying. I’ve gone through the material once, with the exception of two subsections due to software/procrastination problems. After finishing the review on A5 on Becker, I looked back and realized I had really forgotten a lot of the material towards the beginning (A1,2,3).

I’ll spend each day, Monday through Friday of next week, redoing all the MCQs and re-reading much of the material. I will also spend a good chunk of my days studying my note cards to nail home the basics, and the mnemonics.

One problem I have to consider is the Becker Promise; I have to complete all the homework and fax in documentation within 30 days of beginning the exam review. I started June 1st, so I will have until the 30th to get the MCQs I haven’t done into Becker. At least that’s how I understand it (correct me if I’m wrong!).

This means I will have to focus on A2 and A4 (both 50% complete) on Monday and Tuesday and fax in all my documents to Becker. Hopefully, that will suffice! I’m not entirely sure how all this faxing stuff works (and why not an email? Who faxes nowadays anyways!!??).

Good luck to all those taking the exam before the 4th of July! I know there are quite a few.


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Kaela 13 years ago

Are you doing self-study software? If so, in order to get the Becker Promise fulfilled you only need to fax the paperwork withing one year of purchasing the software. Hope this helps.