BEC Score Update: Missed by a Hair

30 Sep 2011

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Hello All,

I finally got my score for my BEC exam Thursday morning. I got the dreaded 74. SO CLOSE!! If I had outright failed the exam I would have been disappointed, but this is score is so much worse. It’s one or two problems away.

On the bright side, I know that it is possible for me to pass, in that I’m not far off from passing. I don’t know if all states do this, but Texas gives you a report that shows how your performance compared to candidates that passed. There seem to be three areas that I need to really focus on. Knowing that, I can put a study plan together to focus on those areas and review the areas that I did well on.

It looks like I will have to find a way to take this test in the Fourth quarter. For anyone that has had to take BEC over again, do you study for a full 6 weeks again? I’m sure there is content that I have forgotten, but I only took the test a month ago. I would think that it is still somewhere up there.

For everyone that passed, congratulations. For everyone that just missed it, I feel your pain. As my husband told me after I called to tell him my score, ‘Keep your head up, you can do this.’

Back to the books I go,

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Nikelle 13 years ago

I felt the "ouch" on that one... but you have the right attitude. Don't let this get you down or set you back. Best of luck to you!

Laura 13 years ago

You and me both Erica!! This is my second my niece who is seven told me yesterday "Aunt Laura at least it was only one will get it next time". So Erica we will get it next time for sure!!

Julie 13 years ago

I was in the exact same situation this time last year. I did not study the full 6 weeks. I studied about 3 weeks and focused on the areas I was weak on and brushed up on the areas I excelled at and sat for the exam again and did fine!

Barry 13 years ago

Erica, After getting a 73 in REG, I feel you in terms of the pain such a close score will cause. At least with a 60, you know that you need to get back to work. I talked to one of my directors a few days ago, and he told me that when he took the CPA Exam, they didn't give any scores between 70 and 74. You either got a 69 or 75. Now, maybe he was just pulling my leg, but if that's true, I'd rather take that than these stupid 73's and 74's! I mean, they couldn't find 1 POINT!? As for BEC, I passed it the first try with an 82 and studied for 5 weeks TOTAL. I think you can easily rock it in 4 weeks.

Sugel 13 years ago

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