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15 Dec 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By jomarie

JoMarie is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since October 2010.

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Well, this last score release threw a curve ball into my test taking plans.

It turns out I failed FAR by 2 points. 2 points!!!! At first I didn’t have any reaction to it. Didn’t cry, get angry, or anything. As some fellow followers said, I must be in autopilot mode.

I took a few days off to rethink my study plan. With already having BEC scheduled for January and already 2 chapters of lectures watched, I had a tough decision to make.

After much research and thinking my options over, I decided to cancel BEC and reschedule FAR right away. I was actually able to reschedule FAR right into my BEC slot. So I still have the same amount of studying time available to me, I just had to put my BEC books away and take out my FAR books.

I decided to put Jeff’s NINJA technique into full-blown action. This past Monday I started to watch Roger CPA Review CRAM lectures. I figured since I was so close to passing both this last window and the window before I would just use a CRAM, and if I need anymore detailed information on a particular section I would refer back to Roger’s CPA Review course.

I run into the same problem on both attempts. I run out of time to do MCQs. So this time I’m finding every which way possible to do MCQs. I purchased myself an iPhone, so I could use that to review Jeff’s NINJA notes and log onto Wiley Test bank whenever I have a free moment.

Whether I’m at a doctor’s office, watching my girls at their swimming lessons, or sitting in the passenger seat while my husband’s driving us somewhere, I will have my iPhone with me reviewing FAR. I’m planning on using this study plan for BEC as well, when the time comes.

BEC might have to wait until April, depending on how busy I am with tax season around the corner. I’m already busy at work and I know it’s only going to get busier.

Congratulations to those who have passed this past score release. To those who missed it, like me, this past window, we will get it in 2012!!!

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Kim 12 years ago

JoMarie, I admire how you are making the most of every minute.. you'll get it this next time!!

Rick 12 years ago

I would suggest going over as many MCQ's as possible before your next test. Do them in 20 question practice tests, and, if possible, use questions that you haven't used before. After each practice test read through each answer so you know why the answer is right and why the other three are wrong. Try to average a minute thirty per question and you should be good come exam day. For me watching the videos is good to an extent, but going over the questions is where you get an idea of where you're at with the material. I've used this method for the FAR, BEC and AUD and I passed each of these on the first attempt.