Visits from Friends, Redecorating, and FAR Study

10 Oct 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By sherrit

Sherri is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Well… I haven't started studying yet for the next section, but I did pay the exam fees. Guess that is a start!

A good friend of mine visited last weekend and we spent time shopping, watching movies and had a glass of wine (or two or three …)

Last weekend was my final taste of freedom for a while. I am ready to buckle down and get serious! Since I have struggled with Government and Nonprofit, I am going to work these areas first.

I'm not sure why I find the Government and Nonprofit material so challenging. I guess it is because I don't use it in my day to day work life and don't plan to!

The simulations have been a problem area for me too. I'm going to utilize the Wiley online test bank to shore up my exposure to simulations.

My hubby, patient soul that he is, redecorated our office at home (which doubles as a TV room that we call “the cave”), so that I will feel inspired to begin this quest again. Not sure how “inspired” I am, but I am definitely ready to devote the time to study that will be needed in order for me to pass this next section.

I noticed that the AICPA in its beneficence has come up with quicker score release dates for the fourth quarter. Cool! I am going to test at the end of the window, though. I need all of the time that I can get.

I'm really busy at work, so it will be a big challenge to fit in study time with the long days at the office. I'm going to practice Jeff's approach of trying to grab an hour here and there during the week and get most of my studying in over the weekend. I'm targeting to test on November 30.

It is supposed to rain this weekend, which is actually a great thing for Austin. We have had a record drought. The rain will make it less tempting to be outside.

Have a great week. I'll have concrete progress to report in the next time.

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