Introducing Club 75 Blogger: Tim

Tim is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of's Club 75 since April 2011.


That pretty much sums up how I felt leaving the testing facility after taking REG on August 10. I had done all I could do – or, at least all I felt I could do – in terms of preparation going into the exam. Thousands of MCQs? Check. Countless TBSs? Check.

I felt pretty good with my Becker materials, though the business law portion did give me some trouble. What a difficult transition! I’m a tax person, so I love that portion of the curriculum. The law portion, no thank you.

What I wasn’t prepared for were questions on the exam having NOTHING do with anything that I had prepared for during my review. “Nothing,” you ask? Yes, nothing. I know the AICPA considers themselves the “gatekeepers” of the profession. Well done, AICPA. You successfully kicked that gate shut right in my face. Oh well. There’s always next time, right?

I’ve had a hard time recouping after taking REG and getting motivated to study for the next portion. I remember Jeff telling someone in a message board post one day that they needed to start seeing this as an opportunity of a lifetime, not as a burden. That really hit me, and I’m attempting to retrain my brain to see this as an opportunity to better myself and provide a better life for my family.

So, here’s to us all accomplishing our goals, bettering ourselves, and providing a better life for those we care for. In the meantime, it’s on to BEC!

I’ve been so thankful for since beginning this journey. Now, I’m happy to chronicle the remainder of my quest with you.

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