Video: CPA Exam Changes – BEC (2013)

11 Oct 2012

CPA Exam Changes


Jeff Elliott here from and we are going to cover the 2013 BEC CPA exam changes. Except there are none. So, you can shut the video off now or continue on for the next 45 seconds or so and we'll cover the CSO.

Alright, the BEC contents specification outline covers corporate governance, which is 15 to 20 percent of your exam. And that includes the board of directors and officers and their duties and roles, etc and also the control environment. No change in 2013.

Economic concepts and analysis, also 16 to 20 percent of your exam and includes changes in economic and business cycles, globalization, market influences on strategy and financial risk management.

Also, financial management, which is 19 to 23 percent of your exam, which includes financial modeling and projections, financial decisions, capital management, financial valuations and transaction processes and controls.

Ah, IT, information systems and communications, everyone's favorite. That includes organizational needs assessment, systems design, security, internet apps, technology risks and disaster recovery.

My little tip and if you've listened and watched thus far, is to work every IT question in your BEC book or study software the afternoon before your exam. It will be fresh in your head. You can send me an email or flowers thanking me.

(Don't send me flowers.)

Finally, operations management, 12 to 16 percent, of your exam includes performance management, cost measurement, process management and project management. Also no change.

Alright, this has been the 2013 BEC exam changes. Of course, there were none so you can stay up to date on everything going on with BEC at


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