This Week: Vote on New Wiley Software Name; Get 40% off Coupon

Wiley CPA Review has invited readers to vote on the name of their CPA Exam Software.

The survey is just 3 short questions and they payoff is that you get a coupon to save 40% on any Wiley book THIS WEEK through their site (aka – you get it for $20).

Survey is closed. Wiley will be e-mailing you your coupon shortly. Thanks!

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Whitney 10 years ago

How do you take the survey? Every time I click on the link, it takes me right back to where I was and there is no survey to take.

lisa 10 years ago

the link doesnt work. i tried and just as the other comment, it takes you back to where i started.

Jeff - 10 years ago

Sorry - try now

Jason 10 years ago

How are supposed to get the discount?

Jeff - 10 years ago

Good question! Wiley will be e-mail it to you.

John Francis Kutesakwe 10 years ago

How do I get the discount .

Jeff - 10 years ago

Wiley will e-mail you.

Whitney 10 years ago

I took the survey yesterday and have yet to receive any kind of email from Wiley. For some reason, I have my doubts about hearing from them and receiving any kind of discount.

Jeff - 10 years ago

I will e-mail them and ask about the status of the coupon...

Jeff - 10 years ago

by 6 pm EST today.

ik 10 years ago

Hi, I took the survey yesterday and got an e-mail from Wiley today. Just wait a day after taking the survey, you should get an e-mail. :-)

Whitney 10 years ago

I received my coupon last night! Thanks for posting this Jeff!