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Wiley CPA BEC MCQ: Economics

The following BEC question is from the Wiley CPA Test Bank for BEC. A short-term speculative rise in the worldwide value of domestic currency could be moderated by a central bank decision to A. Sell domestic currency in the foreign exchange market. B. Buy domestic currency in the foreign exchange market. C. Sell foreign currency […]

Wiley CPA REG MCQ: Contracts

The following REG question is from the Wiley CPA Review REG Online Test Bank. Under the parol evidence rule, oral evidence will be excluded if it relates to A. A contemporaneous oral agreement relating to a term in the contract. B. Failure of a condition precedent. C. Lack of contractual capacity. D. A modification made […]

Wiley CPA FAR MCQ: Partnership Accounting

The following FAR question is from the Wiley CPA Test Bank for FAR. A partnership is formed by two individuals who were previously sole proprietors.  Property other than cash which is part of the initial investment in the partnership would be recorded for financial accounting purposes at the A: Proprietor’s book values or the fair […]

Wiley CPA FAR MCQ: Business Combinations

The following FAR question is from the Wiley CPA Test Bank for FAR. On June 30, 2011, Needle Corporation purchased for cash at $10 per share all 100,000 shares of the outstanding common stock of Thread Company.  The total appraised value of identifiable assets less liabilities of Thread was $1,400,000 at June 30, 2011, including […]

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Enkay 10 years ago

Thanks for the heads up Jeff!

Dan 10 years ago

Does anyone else think that Jeff looks like Jay Cutler? Random thought I thought I should post.

Allyson 10 years ago

Jeff, I'm so glad I got AUD out of the way now. When are you going to get that spare key made?

Jeff - 10 years ago

I had the spare keys made months ago...I promptly tossed them on a chair in my office. Good place for them.

Tressa 10 years ago

Jeff - Do you think it is even possible to effectively study for AUD and test/pass by the end of Nov? FT job, 2 kids..... Now I am wishing I would have starting AUD sooner!

Taxhappy 10 years ago

It took me 4 tries in 2009 & 2010, but I got it done. Thank goodness because who knows how long it would have taken with the 2011 changes

boy 9 years ago

It seems fnaciainl and BEC are going through significant changes. Audit and regulation do not seem to be very different.