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January/February 2011 CPA Exam Testing Window Still Open; Exams can be taken through March 6, 2011

In response to the multiple bad weather events throughout the month of February, Prometric has extended the window through March 6th to allow impacted Candidates test this window. This decision was made jointly with the AICPA and NASBA. By extending the window in the Prometric scheduling system, impacted Candidates will be able to schedule their […]

International CPA Exam coming in August 2011; Registration begins May 1

From the Journal of Accountancy: “The Uniform CPA Examination will be offered internationally for the first time during August in Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. It will thereafter be administered every third month—in November, February, May and August. Registration for the international exam will begin on May 1, and applications may […]

Candidates Experiencing Delays with Loading of New Task-Based Simulations

Early reports indicate CPA Exam candidates taking the 2011 CPA Exam need to be prepared for delays with the loading of the new simulation format and not let it affect their exam performance. “The ‘lag’ time is more like the screen goes blank for 5-10 seconds between the tabs in the simulation. I wouldn’t say […]

Free 2011 CPA Exam Study Planner

The CPA Review NINJA™ has been hard at work creating a customizable Study Planner for the 2011 CPA Exam. The Study Planner is a free download on the Another71 Facebook Page.

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Enkay 12 years ago

Thanks for the heads up Jeff!

Dan 12 years ago

Does anyone else think that Jeff looks like Jay Cutler? Random thought I thought I should post.

Allyson 12 years ago

Jeff, I'm so glad I got AUD out of the way now. When are you going to get that spare key made?

Jeff - 12 years ago

I had the spare keys made months ago...I promptly tossed them on a chair in my office. Good place for them.

Tressa 12 years ago

Jeff - Do you think it is even possible to effectively study for AUD and test/pass by the end of Nov? FT job, 2 kids..... Now I am wishing I would have starting AUD sooner!

Taxhappy 12 years ago

It took me 4 tries in 2009 & 2010, but I got it done. Thank goodness because who knows how long it would have taken with the 2011 changes

boy 11 years ago

It seems fnaciainl and BEC are going through significant changes. Audit and regulation do not seem to be very different.