Jay’s CPA Exam Study Report: Week 44

22 Aug 2011

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By Jay-O

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 44

Hello all, another grueling week, gone by. I logged 28 hours last week. I spent my time reviewing Corporate, Partnership, Estate, Trust and Gift Taxation, as well as keeping fresh on Sales, Contracts, Sole Proprietorships and Joint Ventures.

I’m so fried at this point that my time studying is certainly not as efficient and effective as I’d like it, but I need to fight through these last days like a marathon runner digging deep during that last 6-7 mile stretch. The end is so close, I can taste it, just have to keep my mind focused.

Work has been hectic. I haven’t left before 7 pm on any night, except this past Friday (6:40 pm). I did, however, manage to get a few days off this week, so I’ll have that plus the weekend to get completely immersed in REG for my Monday exam.

Pretty funny story, my wife just came to me today about one of her best friend’s kids’ birthday party this coming Saturday. I guess she hadn’t mentioned it earlier, because she knew the timing couldn’t be worse. Uuuum, ain’t happening. She and the kids can have a blast, however my butt will be plastered to a chair in the library all weekend long.

I started going through Individual taxation today, so will get through that and Secured Transactions before I begin taking my practice exams on Thursday or Friday of this week. I have and will continue to work through Becker, Wiley and cpareviewforfree.com questions on all topics.

I noticed that the questions on cpareviewforfree.com seem to be very long and wordy, so glad I’m going through those. I’m seeing a-lot of duplicate questions between Becker and Wiley, but Wiley does have a good amount of different ones that I hadn’t seen in Becker.

Finally, a question for all the REG gurus out there…. How much time is too little time for the TBS? I know it can vary, but do you really need to save an hour for TBS or can 40/45 minutes be sufficient? I’m seeing a few of these TBS questions on Becker that only took me 5-6 minutes to complete, so I’m wondering if that’s realistic?

Thanks for your comments. Best of luck to everyone sitting for an exam this week. Wish me luck!!! I’ll be back with an update after I take my exam next week.

Jay. O

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JoMarie 13 years ago

When I took REG back in May I only left myself 45 minutes for TBSs, I ran out of time and failed. I just retook it 2 weeks ago and I left myself 1 1/2 hours and I had about 10 minutes to spare at the end. I would leave about an hour to an hour and a half.

rebecca 13 years ago

When I took REG last month I left myself 90 minutes and I used all 90 minutes. Good luck!

Jay. O 13 years ago

Oh boy, glad I asked. I guess it is 40 points of your score, so you want to give it your best unrushed effort. Thanks for the feedback, ladies.

JoMarie 13 years ago

No problem...good luck!!

Tim 13 years ago

Jay,I'm with these guys. I took REG August 10 and left myself about an hour for TBSs. I was scrambling to finish them in time. And, for what it's worth, none of them were even similar to my Becker software. Good luck!

Matt 13 years ago

Jay, I concur with everybody above. I think there are six TBS' and I would leave anywhere from 12-15 minutes per TBS. While you may get one that you do in 4 minutes, the others will seem like you need 20. Good luck next week. How many times have you taken REG?

Jordana 13 years ago

I left myself 90 minutes and used almost all of it. I got two really hard ones that I had to go to the research tab to look up proper treatment. That took time. Good luck.

Jay. O 13 years ago

This is my first time taking REG...and hopefully my last. Thanks for your comments, I will certainly practice the TBS' questions.