Biting the Bullet: Taking Both BEC and FAR

05 Oct 2011

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

I have decided to bite the bullet and take BEC and FAR this testing window. After talking to just about anyone who would listen to me about possibly losing my audit credit on 11/30, the general consensus was I had to at least give both a shot.

At first I was perfectly fine with losing my audit credit but it kept eating at me and I felt as though I was just surrendering. That is something I am unwilling to do!

Once I saw the new score release dates timeline, it made my decision clearer for me. I have decided to take BEC on 10/20 and therefore stand a chance of finding out 11/3.

If I find out I did not pass then I can always move FAR to January if I do not feel prepared. I am thinking this is my best bet. I mean who really wants to lose a credit when you could potentially be done?!

I am using Jeff’s 20 day study strategy for BEC, and I really hope it works for me. I received a 72 on BEC in the last testing window, and I am hoping that hammering away more multiple choice questions and rewriting the NINJA Study Guide will boost my score just enough.

I have taken BEC more times than I would like to admit to because I am becoming embarrassed by it. That being said, I am very nervous to take it again with the fear of having to admit to myself I failed it once again.

After talking to fellow blogger, Matt, I realize that embarrassment is not a sense of feeling you should feel with this exam. He probably doesn’t realize it but he gave me the courage to try to conquer both exams this testing window. So thanks, Matt, for your words of encouragement and I hope to join you in the alumni forum soon!

That being said, back to work I go so I can try to get rid of these tax returns for the 10/15 deadline. This deadline is seriously hurting my studying, so I need to finish so that I CAN study! Good luck to all of you this testing window. Full steam ahead!

Until next time,

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PETER 13 years ago

HI Rebecca, i took my BEC on 8/16/11, & i got 70 i was using becker. Now i m palnning to buy wiley for extra practice and re-taking my test on 10/31/11. am i m doing right thing let me know, or any other suggestion u have for me?

13 years ago

Hi Peter, I think buying the Wiley test bank for extra practice is a really good idea. I like it because I started memorizing the questions from my wiley book so the software allows for additional questions I have not seen yet. I would really suggest rewriting your notes or buying the NINJA guide and rewriting that. I always thought it wasn't worth my time so never did it but I did it for REG and I swear it was the key to my success. Good luck!

Matt 13 years ago

@Rebecca, I'm happy to help and am here to motivate people. @Peter, I would agree with Rebecca. Get the Wiley for extra practice, because if you start memorizing questions, you aren't learning them. Review your notes, write Jeff's NINJA notes and go over and over and over them again.