It Was Worth It: I Passed the CPA Exam!!!

30 Jun 2011

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Virginia is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

Score release anxiety is probably one of the most intense parts of being a CPA exam candidate. I find myself completely distracted, short of breath and on the verge of tears once I find out scores have been released from the AICPA, but before I actually see my score.

Last week I had trouble bringing myself to even look at my score. I very badly wanted to know how I did, but not knowing was way better than knowing I failed.

I always go to the worst case scenario: the fail, since that’s the most common score I’ve received. I actually started to plan out what I would do if I failed before I got my score.

I vowed a long time ago to never call the State Board to find out my score, for two reasons, both from experience. The first is that it turns into the most awkward conversation when the person on the other end of the phone tells you that you failed.

I always need a few minutes to myself to take it all in, and I never want to have to make small talk with anyone during these minutes, let alone the bearer of bad news.

Second, when I called to find out my AUD score last winter, the woman on the other hand was dragging out her words and said “Well let’s see honey, it looks like you got a seveenntty…”

She held onto that word “seventy” for so long I nearly fell over thinking I failed. She finally ended that sentence with an “eight,” and I was beyond excited to pass AUD with a 78, but man oh man did she have me scared half to death thinking I failed.

Friday afternoon, I finally was able to check my VA Board of Accountancy score and was so beyond excited to see not only did I pass, but it was my best score yet, that I literally jumped out of my chair.

I’m done? I’m done!

I don’t think it will feel completely real until I can put those three letters behind my name.

I’m still trying to catch my breath. I don’t have to study again? It doesn’t seem real, but it feels amazing. For every day I thought I would never make it through the process, for every time I opened back up those books after all my failing scores (10 failing scores to be exact), it was all worth it.

I’m actually done, I made it out alive.

Next week will be my last post to Another71, as I am happy to put the exam behind me. Stay tuned, especially for those of you who didn’t fare so well with the score release.

Keep studying; it’ll all be worth it in the end.


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TexasCPA 13 years ago

Hey Virginia. We were in the same boat this past window. I was waiting on my last score to post here in Texas. It finally posted on Monday, and I had the same score anxiety you described. Funny! I wanted to know so that I could move on. But...the feeling of waiting for a score is much better than seeing a failing score. In the end, I did received my highest score yet, and it was on my last exam. I finished with taking 8 CPA exams, with 4 failing grades. All failing grades ranged from 71 - 74. The feeling to be done is well worth seeing a 74, but I could have done without it :)

Allyson 13 years ago

Virginia, CPA, Awesoooooooooooome!!

Jimmy 13 years ago

Hey Good to know you are done with these agonizing process and wish you the best for future. BTW, Love your blogs so keep writing :)

Zoey 13 years ago

I am so jealous right now! I found out I failed FAR and that's my last part. I wish I was in your shoes. Congrats!

Jenn 13 years ago

Congrats! I can only hope for that someday.

Barb 13 years ago

OMG I am so happy for you. I have lived through your experience. You may want to consider taking up writing. You are very expressive and creative. Good job. Best of Luck!

Blake 13 years ago

Congrats! It's been fun to read you blog posts! Go celebrate :)

Virginia 13 years ago

Thanks everyone!! :) Next week will be my last posted.. stay tuned! :) @TexasCPA: Congrats to you! I agree that I don't think I would appreciate my passing scores as much without all those failing scores in the low 70s. @Allyson: Thank you!! Good luck with the rest of your studying!! @Jimmy: Thanks, I've enjoyed writing them..glad to hear you like to read them! @Zoey: I've been in your shoes so many times. I promise it'll be worth it when you're done, as hard as it is now! @Jenn: Thanks! Good luck to you.. don't give up, you'll regret it if you do! @Barb: Thanks so much for your support. I almost can't believe I'm done. This exam has owned my life for far too long. haha, I do love writing the blogs :) @Blake: Thanks!! Glad you like the blogs! I don't think I'll stop celebrating!!

CPA2B_KX2008 13 years ago

Congrats Virginia Woohoo!!!

Samira 13 years ago

Congrats Virginia! I will be retaking Reg (for the third time) this testing window. Was there anything you did differently that helped you score so high on your final Reg exam that you would recommend? What review course did you use? Any tips would be wonderful!! Thanks!

Virginia 13 years ago

@CPA2B_KX2008: Thanks! @Samira: I used Becker and Gleim, and never passed an exam with Becker though I went through their whole course. Gleim is definitely the one I'd recommend, and I used Gleim in conjunction with Jeff's NINJA notes which really helped bring everything together. I found if I took a small amount of time (maybe 2-3 weeks) and did nothing but study, I passed. Stretching out the time frame to study with other activities only had me forgetting things I studied at the beginning. Hope that helps.