CPA Exam Results Update: June 17

The AICPA released 8,301 BEC scores to NASBA and the indie states Wednesday afternoon.

What does this mean for NASBA people? A Thursday evening BEC release @ 10:15pm EST is likely. Check this post for updates Thursday.

What does this mean for indie people (CA/IL/VA/etc)? Some will get them late morning or afternoon (CA/IL?), and some snail mail states won't send them out until next week probably.

What section is next? AUD is my guess.

When will it be released? Thursday or Friday

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76 comments on “CPA Exam Results Update: June 17”

  • I got my BEC score emailed to me directly from the Wyoming Board today. 78 Yahoo! one down three to go!

  • Jeff, thanks for creating and maintaining this great website. I’ve only known about it for a month or so, but I’ve enjoyed the information you’ve shared.

  • Jeff, please keep up the good work. Anyone who’s complaining is just lacking gratitude. It’s not like they’re not forced to visit your website, no one’s making them. So if they don’t like something about it, then they can just stop coming.

  • Ok people I see where shaking my head is coming from and also the others against shaking my head. We all just need to relax, take a deep breath and wait for our scores. I must say that I have seen some rude comments on this site about Jeff’s predictions and wonder sometimes about some comments of where is my score or any word on REG, FAR etc I take it that people are just anxious but I will say Jeff is excellent at letting us know when he knows something, if a score is released this evening REST ASSURED he will post, if he hears a scoop REST ASSURED he will post but lets not hold him to it. with that said GOODLUCK to all waiting for their score release next week.

  • That is correct – the AICPA couldn’t give a lesser flip about my predictions. They are just a guide.

    I did help get the NASBA score release changed from early morning to the previous evening though.

    I’ll put that on my epitaph. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lauren.. thanks.. that is okay I already expected not to pass.. I felt during the exam..

    the next test REG.. I will be more prepared for it..


  • Correction.. I didnt accuse Jeff of holding scores, I said we act like he is very big difference. Yes there are rude comments all over this site it may not be on this thread but there are on different thread people saying Jeff’s predictions suck etc I agree Jeff is a here which is why I am putting my comment, people dont appreciate this site and its FREE!

  • Hang in there Carole! Go celebrate taking an exam and being one step closer to passing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @shaking my head. People are using this forum to vent and anxiously anticipate the scores being released. Your comments are unnecessary. I would be the first one to agree with you if there were people being rude. That doesnย’t appear to be the case. The only rude comment that I saw on here was yours. No one accused Jeff of holding scores. I am pretty sure Jeff is a hero to everyone on this site, for the simple fact that he gave us this forum to do exactly thisย….. anxiously await.

  • Waiting for the score is worse than taking the exam.
    Waiting waiting waiting for an AUD score. good luck to everyone else waiting too!!

  • CPA!

    FAR – 75
    REG – 84
    AUD – 81
    BEC – 80

    Yes sir! Good luck to everybody out there! I now intend to live my life. Hang in there!

  • I passed BEC – by the skin of my teeth! ๐Ÿ™‚

    75! to stay alive… OMG I am so happy!

  • jeff are those dudes in the picture on the home page supposed to be the big bad AICPA?

    haha they look intimidating but I think we can take them

  • Jessica – I am using Becker. Hell weekend was 2 weeks ago where I sat through 3 lectures and then tried to squeeze in 3 chapters of homework. Still haven’t recovered…….LOL Starting chapters 6 & 7 Saturday. Wanted to schedule the exam in mid-July. Couldn’t get the date I wanted then I am supposed to be in jury duty on 7/19. So they told me not to schedule for two weeks in case I get picked……pushed me all the way to end of July!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • RACHEL- What study materials are you using? Just keeping going over and over and over the multiple choice until you absolutely sick of it! Goodluck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ Trevor the CPA exam is very important to me dont mistake that. I have passed AUD, waiting on FAR taking BEC next month. My point simply is PATIENCE is KEY…You are waiting, I am waiting so are about 30,000 people, nothing we do will make the score release appear any faster it may sound harsh but we all know thats the truth.

  • Why isn’t anyone waiting on REG …and why is REG getting the shaft (last to be released) … does this mean I’ll have to wait another week ๐Ÿ™

  • @ Jeff – HAHAHAHA

    @ Shaking – If I was on Sunday NFL Countdown I would be saying “C’MON MAN” (Football fans will know what I mean, everyone else- it’s pretty self explainatory). There should be pride in taking and passing the exam, and waiting for the results is part of it. For some people it could mean “I’m done” and others “I got off to a good start” but for all of us it’s one step closer to the end goal. You apparently do not hold the CPA exam on your pedistal high enough. Could be you have failed a number of times and have yourself given up in your mind… I don’t know for sure but not a good attitude either way.

  • BUT venting doesnt mean AICPA will release your scores any faster :-)… Asking Jeff do you have any word on FAR in IL or Jeff do you know where my score is? LOL just makes me laugh. Like Jeff is the holding our scores. newsflash HE ISNT!!! Trust me I am waiting on my score. I dont need to Freak out with you guys. If I pass YIPPEE.. if I dont means back to the books. Thats life deal with it.

  • So if score get released today, what are the chances nasba has them posted tomorrow at 10:15pm, even though its a friday night?

  • Thanks for you posts, Nails and Right on! I agree. We might be impatient adults but I think we all agree that this forum allows us to vent and share with others who feel just as we do (shaking seems to be the exception)!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more “No Nails Left in Ohio”. Shaking my head needs to leave!

  • @ Shaking my head – We have this forum so that we can all be impatient and freak out TOGETHER. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This helps a lot of us get through this process.

  • Does anyone know anything about North Carolina scores????? I don’t think we can get them online, but I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will be until we can get them online?

  • @Isabel – IF AUD scores are released today (fingers crossed)as predicted then we’ll see it on the VABOA site tomorrow by noon. This is the worst part of the exam process!

  • You all are a bunch of impatient adults…:-( We are all waiting on our scores not just you

  • I’m stuck to the computer hoping to get my Auditing score for VA. Does anyone know if we could possibly get the scores today or more likely another day?

  • Jessica: I hope you made it!! I am studying for FAR which I hope is my last exam! It’s just so hard to focus – hoping with a passing score in AUD I will be more motivated!!

  • When checking my score for BEC on the Nasba website I am brought to another page that says “Form Processed” and that’s the only thing written on the page….does this mean anything?

  • Rachel- haha I thought you mean Los Angeles. I am from California. I am waiting on aud….HOPEFULLY my last exam…if not…I will lose my first exam. lame.

  • I am waiting for AUD too! Hopefully the AICPA releases it today, but who knows! I can’t wait much longer!

  • @Jeff: I am waiting result of Audit of forth Attempt(72,73,70).Any news of AICPA release…………………..CO State

  • @Jeff: Any whispers on the next section to be released? I am dying here in LA for AUD………….

  • @Jeff: I live in TX. So would that mean that BEC scores will be released by NASBA to TX, or does the AICPA release directly to TSBPA? As of this morning, I called them and they said that they have not yet received anything.

  • IL BEC test-takers: I just called ILBOA to see when the BEC scores would be posted. I told her that I’d heard AICPA had released and asked when ILBOA would be posting. She said they get them from NASBA who has not yet released them to IL. After hearing that, I’ve given up on hearing anything today.

  • Carole,TX releases scores through their board web site,not through NASBA web site.So,you will have to go to and then log in with your control# and password.In the candidate menu,you will see the link to exam scores.Thats where you will find it.


  • Well, some of the indie states get theirs before the NASBA people, but NASBA scores come out in a batch…during the actual batch release, they seem to trickle out state by state, but for the most part its a uniform release.

  • @Jeff, I didn’t realize they release all at once (Batch Processing…) So how come it seems as though some states get there scores before others? As for the multiple releases, you are right I just looked back at the tweet and thre wasn’t one for BEC. Thanks

  • NASBA will release all at once tonight…BEC usually doesn’t have multiple waves from the AICPA. Unlike the others, once BEC is released, there usually aren’t a smattering of BEC scores released with the other sections like there will be for say, FAR…where FAR + some additional AUD will be released, if that makes sense.

  • @ JeffC and Jason, they will be released in batches, some states just come out before others. Your state will all be released at the same time, then another state and so on. Based on last windw it is possible to have some straggler scores. AICPA released a main batch last wave and then another batch of like 500 or so.. Hope this helps.

    Also everyone remember it does take 24-48 hours for NASBA to post… So like Jeff says tonight or tomorrow morning you should see BEC scores. Don’t wear out your submit button too early lol. Good luck to all!

  • Add on to JeffC’s question, does the BEC scores released represent all the test takers, or can there be some that haven’t been released yet? thanks

  • Has anyone from Oklahoma heard anything about how OAB’s flooding on Monday might impact score releases?

  • Carole,

    It will keep giving you a message about “Score Not Found, check section ID and birthdate” until NASBA loads the scores.

    So, welcome to the world of refreshing the webpage and resubmitting your information like it’s your job ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck!

  • Carole,

    Go to
    Click on Exams
    Click on CPA Exam
    Select your State
    Click on Scores
    Enter your section ID # from your Notice to Schedule & birthday.
    Then click Submit.


  • correction needed? i think BEC scores were released on wed. afternoon not tue. afternoon. thus will be posted on NASBA’s site on thu. night and next expected score release will be thu. or fri.?

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