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23 Sep 2021

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And Denise says, Hey, Jeff, what do you think about free CPA review materials, such as CPA Review for Free? Does NINJA CPA Review have a free trial? If so, what's the difference? Yeah, so most people supplement and it's a combination of a paid supplement, a free supplement, even if you're just studying. Or asking questions on the Another 71 forum or Facebook group, technically you are supplementing.

So everyone's supplements and some of it's free. Some of it's paid. So CPA review for free. For example, it's been around for just about as long as, since. As I've been doing this, which is circa 2008, I'm old, but back in the day, CPA Review for Free professor Joe Hoyle, a very highly respected teacher. I believe at the University of Virginia – Accounting professor.

I actually spoke with him on the phone once. Super nice guy. Again, highly respected. He created CPA Review for Free. And then And then I believe he sold it to the same people who own fast forward academy. So rain Hughes, and I've also spoken to rain a few times on the phone. Also a nice guy.

He's done a good job with CPA Review for Free making it a free resource. So the difference between CPA Review for Free and and and then ninja materials in general CPA Review for Free does not use AICPA released questions. That's not necessarily a huge deal, but like they have a thousand free questions and accounting questions our accounting questions I haven't looked at them in. Maybe a decade, but I know that they're popular so you can check them out. The difference between CPA Review for Free and the ninja free trial uses AICPA released questions. But when you do the free trial, you get samples of the questions. At the new NINJA MCQ test bank, as well as ninja notes or a demo chapter of the ninja notes, ninja audio ninja book.

And you can figure it out if you love or hate my voice and if you want to subscribe. So that's the main difference. All sorts of free CPA review materials out there. And check them all out whenever you, if you're about to spend thousands of dollars on a CPA review, course, it's a good idea to do a free trial of that CPA review course.

So anyway, hope that's helpful to you.

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