REG Passed! Now What’s Next?

12 Jun 2012

I Passed REG, NINJA CPA Review

By nishap

Nisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Today was a great day!!! Got some pretty exciting news…passed REG with a 76!!

I do wish the score was a bit higher but a pass is a pass and I’ll take it my arms wide open!!!! I still can’t get rid of that feeling in my stomach – the feeling whether it’s excitement, nerves or relief.

This is my first passing score (second time taking REG; first time 73). Receiving a few “close but not quite there” scores was incredibly difficult to bounce back from and I’m glad I put it behind me and didn’t quit.

NOTES AND SIMULATIONS! Constantly rewriting the NINJA Notes and reading my notes out loud helped me understand the concepts a little more every time. Working the simulations first and making those a priority, I believe, really gave me the extra few points I needed to pass.

I don’t think I can stress the importance of practicing simulations!! It really does make THAT much of a difference. Also, I want to thank everyone on here with their constant encouragement; it’s a tremendous confidence booster. Thank you!!

So, what’s next?? I don’t have another section scheduled but am hoping to get back into the groove of studying once this wedding is over, I’ve moved to Portland, and returned from our honeymoon.

I’m really contemplating the idea of studying for two sections within the same window. I’m not sure which 2 sections to take and how should I study for them?

Do I put 4 hours into one and then 4 hours into the other the same day? Do I alternate days between the two sections? Should I study for one, take the test, and then study for the other? Any suggestions?

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Trisha 12 years ago

Congrats! So crazy, I got a 73 first time on Audit, and passed second time with a 76 :) That was my first retake, which tells me I need a more preparation for my next one to have some extra cushion... Feels good to know at least one more out of the way. Best wished for all of you other amazing life happenings. Portland is an amazing city :)

Sonia 12 years ago

Congratulations on your wedding and passing REG! What a great summer for you :) Portland is a really nice place. I went to college there, and visit often. Wish I lived closer and can find someone like you or Trisha to study with... I've got BEC in July and FAR in August. Still waiting on REG results this week. You'll find out quickly that Oregon is a snail mail state and you can't check your scores online. :( (I assume it's Oregon and not Maine that you're talking about). Congratulations of everything and best of luck!! ~ Sonia

CPA628 12 years ago

CONGRATS on the passing score, wedding & everything else!! I would study for one, take that and then start studying for a second one. Good Luck!

Hitesh 12 years ago

That's my fiance!!! Great job!!! Keep up the good work and I'll make sure to keep you focused when you move to Portland! I'm sure there's room in our bags for your study material when we go to Jamaica! Haha...jk

Nisha 12 years ago

Thank you Everyone!!! I wish you both were nearby so we could study together. It's easier to study with someone versus solo (in my opinion). And yes, it is Portland Oregon =D

AshleyH 12 years ago

Congrats! Having that first passing score must feel amazing. I would only study for one section at a time. Congrats on your wedding too!

Raymond 12 years ago

Hello Nisha- I'm so glad that your doing so well!! I am very proud and happy for you and your spouse to be. It's been a great pleasure working with such a bright and talented individual like yourself. You will be missed :( I also wanted to suggest that you continue with your origianl study habits. I believe they will still work in your favor. With my study habits, I crammed my studies before taking my test. I pretty muched study about 2 days prior to taking a test and that worked for me. Good Luck Nisha!!! Your friend, Raymond

Maurice 12 years ago

Very Good write up. Wow you originally got a 73 and I'm assuming the passing score was 75. That would be frustrating. Sometimes I think it would of felt better to just fail miserably instead of just missing the cut. Well congrats with the passing great. Onto Bigger and better thing Neesh.