Which will come first – My Baby or BEC Score!?!?

30 Mar 2011

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Congrats to Jay for passing FAR!

Congrats to everyone who has received their passing score!

All non-passers, keep with it! It will pay off!

I took BEC last window, and of course it's last to be released. In my state, I likely won't get it until Monday morning. I really hope I get it before then. I'm not sure I can last ANOTHER weekend.

If I passed BEC, I just have to take FAR on April 8, and then I'll be able to breathe. I won't get that score until June 30 (after this Q1 score release, we know it won't come much before then!), so I really can't wait to just relax for 2.5 months.

Okay, not really relax. Have a baby (I'm pregnant), get adjusted to being a mom of two, and not have to worry about studying for a little while!

I've made it through leases & bonds, pension plans & deferred taxes, and equity & cash flows. I had trouble with the leases and bonds, so I plan to really focus on that during final review. It does help that I'm currently auditing a pension plan, so that material I was familiar with.

Governmental and NFP is next, and since that's the majority of the clients I work on, I think those sections will go quickly as well.

Next week when I check in, I hope to be able to report a passing BEC score! Good luck to everyone still waiting!


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Lauren 13 years ago

Oh my goodness! You and I are on the same page! My due date is May 1st and I am sitting for FAR on April 18th. I was also waiting on BEC and unfortunately, just found out this morning that I did not pass! I really thought I was going to pass and felt prepared so I am wondering if the written portion of the exam hurt me more than it helped? Good luck to you and I really hope that you passed BEC and will pass FAR!

Allyson 13 years ago

I hate BEC!!! Megan, I will be thinking about you and FAR. You can do it. When I found out I failed FAR and had to turn around and take AUD, I turned my disappointment into determination. AUD has my best score. We will pass BEC too, little mama!

Megan 13 years ago

Yes we will Allyson! I completely gave up accounting as a profession and the exam for about 2 hours last Thursday, but after I quit throwing my temper tantrum, I had some new found motivation! We will pass!! Lauren - Bad news for me on BEC too, looks like we're almost exactly in the same boat! I am being crazy and taking BEC again May 31st, but my hours studying right now are about what they were with my son as a newborn, so I hope it won't kill me!