Rapid-Fire Accounting News: Key 2024 CPA Exam Dates, 2023 Tax Brackets, & Audit Concerns

04 Nov 2022

Accounting News

accounting news

Rapid-Fire Accounting News for Busy CPA Candidates

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accounting news

1: Key 2024 CPA Exam Dates Announced

NASBA: “As we get closer to 2024, new information is being made available to help candidates plan their testing schedules in 2023 and into 2024.”

2: 2023 Tax Brackets Are Out & Why Rates Are So High

Foundation for Economic Education: “The sad truth is, the average American works four months a year just to cover tax bills. How did we get here?”

3: National Taxpayer Advocate has Concerns about $400,000 Audit Promise

Journal of Accountancy: “Talk about no audits on under $400K could encourage taxpayers to think they’re immune.”

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