Trump Tax Law Changes Tested on CPA Exam in 2019


The AICPA has released a statement on the Trump Tax Law Changes and how they will be tested on the CPA Exam. They will be tested in January 2019, which is a six-month delay. Analysis: Typically, new tax law changes are testable beginning in July each year, but will the massive changes, coupled with the fact that the CPA Exam itself is getting a slight facelift in Q2 2018, it looks like the AICPA is looking to change one thing at time, which I think is a smart move (and I’m sure CPA Candidates will agree) 🙂 Full Statement from the AICPA: New Tax Law Testing in 2019 (February 1, 2018) – The AICPA Board of Examiners (BOE) recently approved January 1, 2019 (19Q1) as the date on which content related to the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (Public Law No. 115-97 An act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to […]

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2015 CPA Exam Changes: FAR AUD REG BEC


We are going to cover the 2015 CPA Exam changes. Now, if you are not familiar with another71, a little bit about me: I am a licensed CPA in the state of Kansas. I live here in flyover country. I created another71 back in 2008 and since then, it has become the most-visited CPA Exam site on the internet. I’ve been blessed to do it full-time since 2010, and I launched NINJA CPA Review in 2011, and the NINJA products have helped over 22,000 people pass the CPA exam. I am pretty familiar with what is on the exam and what it takes to pass. The goals of this video are to cover the 2015 updates from a high level, and also get into some of the frequently asked questions I see the in the another71 forum about the 2015 exam, and also send you some free materials that are […]

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Video: 2014 CPA Exam Changes Summary

This quick video highlights the must-know changes for the 2014 CPA Exam and includes: 2014 REG Changes and Updates (4:30) 2014 BEC Changes and Updates (6:25) 2014 FAR Changes and Updates (8:10) 2014 AUD Changes and Updates (9:40) If your CPA Review Course doesn’t offer free updates and you’re relying on 2013 CPA Exam study materials (not recommended for AUD, by the way), then this video will (hopefully) help. Free CPA Exam Stuff (Study Planner/Notes/Audio/Flashcards) Discussed in the Video:

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