Have you activated your subscription to the Professional Literature?

01 Jun 2008

CPA Exam Strategy

For all of the NTS renewals I've done over the last couple of (gasp) years, I have yet to subscribe to the professional literature access offered by NASBA. I've paid enough $$ in exam fees that they should give me a lifetime subscription.

If you have a good study package, this is probably just a distraction, but it could interesting to mess around with and it's yours free for six months if you have an NTS.

Get the subscription here from NASBA.

A description from cpa-exam.org:

“CPA exam candidates can get a free six-month subscription to professional literature used in the computerized CPA Examination. This online package includes AICPA Professional Standards, FASB Current Text, and FASB Original Pronouncements. Only candidates who have applied to take the CPA exam, and have been deemed eligible by state boards of accountancy, will receive access to this package of professional literature.”

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Anonymous 16 years ago

I applied for the literature just to see what it was all about but never received it.

Sam 14 years ago

I sent three mails to NASBA and its been four weeks till now and I still didn't received any return mail.I called NASBA and I spent an hour people transferring me to one another. What should I do ?

Sam 14 years ago

Just sent the application will let you know if any thing happens

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Thanks Sam - let me know. -Jeff

Sam 14 years ago

Thanks Jeff for sharing this.

Sam 14 years ago

I received the eligibility for the free subscription today.

Genesis 8 years ago

Is this still valid? I clicked on the link and it did not take me to an active page.