Ask the NINJAs – How to (Finally) Pass FAR

15 Aug 2013

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

FAR is the last section I need to pass. My last scores were 55 and 65. Do you have any suggestions on strategies to tackle this last section? – Edgar



Dear Edgar,

You have two things going for you:

1. You know how to pass an exam. It's not like you're still trying to get that first “win” under your belt. You're on your final lap.

2. Your scores are heading in the right direction.

However – 55 tells us NINJAs that you flat out didn't study. We know this because you've passed AUD, REG, and the dreaded BEC.

65? Better – but come on Edgar, it's time to get medieval.

NINJA Note: yes, sometimes people do study hardcore and score a 55 – it does happen … but that's not Edgar's problem.

We want you up at 5am – Studying.

We want you at your desk at lunch – Studying.

We want you staying an hour late after work – Studying.

We want you in the Taco John's (a recent discovery for us NINJAs – so tasty) drive thru – Studying (with your NINJA Notes).

We want you at the gym – Studying (with your NINJA Audio).

We want you mowing the lawn – Studying.

We want you getting root canals – Studying.

NINJA Note – we don't necessarily want you to get root canals, but if your teeth rot because you're too busy Studying. – then keep Studying.

It's on, Jack. Studying.
HiYa! Hey!


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