Back on Track with AUD: Practicing MCQs + Simulations

Francine is a NINJA CPA Blogger. HiYa!! I have a couple more weeks till my AUD exam. So exciting!! :-/ I have not really been able to dedicate myself to studying as much as I would’ve liked to this past week because there have been so many changes at the company where I work. My […]

NINJA BLITZ: Free with NINJA MCQ until June 1

April 30, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Don’t just cram … BLITZ. You can BLITZ for Free with your NINJA MCQ access. Purchase FAR NINJA MCQ? You get FAR NINJA BLITZ. Purchase AUD NINJA MCQ? You get AUD NINJA BLITZ. (you get the point…) Offer is good for all Active NINJA MCQ customers as well – just login to for your […]

Long Journey: Studying FAR + Moving to NYC

Sarah is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Sometimes it seems so FAR Away… I feel like I have been on this journey for so long. In reality it truly has been a few years now, but I’ve only been giving it a fair try for about a year. I bought my first FAR review book before […]

Studying for the CPA Exam, then Life Throws a Curve Ball

April 24, 2015 NINJA CPA Review

Ashley is a NINJA CPA Blogger. Curve balls. Life is full of them.   Often times we create these seemingly fool-proof plans and then life throws you a curve ball.   Sometimes we are good at navigating and dodging bullets or letting the balls bounce while other times we don’t see them coming and get […]

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