A BEC Exam Mis-Step: All in the Timing

03 Apr 2017


Ashley is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I wish I could give you good news about my recent BEC Exam score release but I can’t. My score was a 69! Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my last written communication and feel that it may have cost me a passing score.

On the last few takes of BEC, I haven’t been worried about the writing portion because I’ve always scored comparable in that section. This was the first time I got a weak score in that area.

During the exam, my last testlet was a lot harder. This, inevitably, caused me to spend more time then I had anticipated on the MCQ and less on the writing portion. I was scrambling to put words together as time was running out.

I have already started studying for REG; however, I plan to drop that and go back to studying for BEC. I am close enough to passing and would like to continue while it is still fresh in my head. I just need to put in the extra effort to increase my score by 5 points and not neglect the writing portion this time around.

For the next four weeks, my plan is to review all areas and practice my writing skills. It is also important to brush up on the new exam changes since it will contain TBS now.

Hopefully my effort in the next few weeks will be enough to pull out a pass.

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Adam 7 years ago

Good luck with your studies for the re-take. For what it's worth, and I'm sure you know... you now have to increase your score by 75 points to pass. Plus if you increased by 5 points as you said, you would come away with a 74... I'll take it that you are concentrating hard on studying and not on posting these blogs. :)

11prudence 7 years ago

I just failed BEC with a 72. I came away feeling like I had passed and that it wasn't so bad whereas the others I was certain I had failed. I knew this was a red flag and sure enough!! I am studying AUD now and am scared of the new test. I am only passing these by a small margin. Anyway, best of luck on BEC!!