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A Support System + Gratitude to Survive the CPA Exam

Alex is a . First of all congratulations to everyone that found out they passed a section of the CPA Exam and also a keep your chin up for those who found out they didn’t. This exam is a marathon not a sprint and none of us is defined by 1 test result good or bad. I promised myself when I started this journey that I was going to be honest with myself and others, so here I am with all my excuses for why I haven’t studied. I do want to talk about something a little more serious that doesn’t affect everyone or maybe even most people but if there’s just one other person who does maybe it’ll help them. Does the CPA cause depression? No, but that didn’t stop me from googling CPA and depression and finding approximately 1.8 million results. I know people say you have to […]

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Study Tips: Applying AUD Success to FAR Studies

Alex is a . First as an adopted Texan I must say please keep my state and all areas affected by Harvey in your thoughts and prayers. The recovery is going to be long from but I know we’ll get there together. I PASSED AUDIT!!!! It was the biggest sigh of relief seeing that magical 76. I know it’s not a 90 or 95 but hey we’re just trying to pass and passing is a 75 so if I get a 76 on all parts I will be the happiest CPA you have ever seen. Now if you ask any CPA candidate I’m sure we will tell you that things didn’t always go according to plan but we also had habits we maintained that helped as pass. I’d like to discuss the habits that I used in Audit that I’ll be bringing with me to FAR as well as those […]

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Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Deep!

Deep is a NINJA CPA blogger. My name? Deep, and I just graduated. Yay me, right? Well, it was quite an accomplishment and a great reason to celebrate, but I have no job. So here’s the beginning to my story, and my journey to the CPA. Fresh out of college, going strong on the graduation high. Job hunting, with the highest expectations. Of course, not the best way to go about things, but I have the CPA to look forward to. The greatest thing I could do with my Accounting degree – so I’m told. FAR, AUD, REG BEC.. the order I thought was most convenient, but I was instantly deterred. Mostly due to the fact that FAR is the “beast” that everyone tries to tackle and comes up short on. But also because I didn’t factor in the time I spend with family and friends. Time management, the true […]

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AUD Score Release: The Longest Wait of My Life

Alex is a . Welcome to the longest week of my life. Next week after 4 AND A HALF MONTHS I will receive my first CPA exam score for AUD. I would love to say that I know I passed or even that I felt I failed but I can’t. I just have to say that phrase that our parents told us when we for sure not going to get that toy all the other kids had, “we’ll see”. After taking my first exam I tried unsuccessfully to integrate life into the CPA exam and that is a task I can confidently say I have failed. Now I didn’t mean to fail at this CPA and life integration but it’s hard. It’s like going on a diet you have little cheats, working a little later than you need to, spending a few minutes (hours) on Pinterest, a few funny youtube […]

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