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Using CPA Exam Knowledge in Everyday Life

Aida is a . Today I wanted to touch accounting software topic. This will be especially interesting for CPA candidates that are college graduates or still enrolled in school. It is my understanding that BEC and AUD sections of the CPA Exam touch a little bit of IT topic, however it’s more about the information security, IT department segregation of duties, etc. The exam does not test for the technical knowledge of various accounting software. As an accountant in big public corporation, I wanted to touch main accounting tools that are used in everyday life. For most accounting and finance professionals Microsoft Excel is one of the most used applications. Below are the main Excel features that I use every day, whether I create a Journal Entry or modify the report or: Table – allows to design a table in a predefined style Pivot Table – allows to summarize, analyze, […]

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The Long Wait for My REG Score + AUD Study Plan

Rollie is a . The wait continues. In case you haven’t heard, I took REG on July 1st and now have to wait almost 3 months to get the results of my computerized exam. Good lord. On the bright side, it kind of puts the score release “out of sight out of mind”. Hopeful for another pass from REG while study for AUD to take by the end of quarter 3. I am just beginning my AUD studies. For those that have been around a long time like me, I failed AUD twice: 71 and 73. AUD is one of those beasts that it is hard to conceptualize if you are more of a numbers person like me. I feel that this has been my demise with AUD. My AUD study plan is: Nail the NINJA MCQ – AUD is one of those that you need to just nail the […]

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Finding Study Time for the CPA Exam, Even on Vacation

Joe is a . I know it sounds awful, and it can be. However studying for the CPA Exam during a vacation can be a great way to keep current with your studying materials while enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation. As you travel to your destination whether by plane, train or automobile use that often boring time to study. If you are on a plane with WiFi access, it’s a perfect opportunity to do some NINJA MCQ, catch up on reading material or rewrite notes. If you are driving to your destination, as I often do, the NINJA Audio is a great tool to use hands free. I often bring my headphones because after about 15 minutes into the ride I get asked by my wife or kids to turn it off. Make sure you only use one headphone, I am not so sure about how legal it […]

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Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Alex!

Alex is a . If you can run a marathon you can do ANYTHING. Does anything include the CPA exam too? I truly hope so because I’ve done 2 full marathons, 11 half marathons, and I coach long distance runners 3 times a week. I love running and the discipline it requires but so far the CPA exam has been harder than any race or any training day I’ve ever had. I guess I should start over. My name is Alex and I graduated from college in 2011 with a Masters of Accounting, quickly after that I started at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, with all hopes of passing my CPA exam the first year and getting that sweet bonus, but unfortunately life happened. After leaving Big 4 to go to a smaller firm and hopefully a better quality of life, I again decided to pursue the exam but […]

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