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Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Alex!

Alex is a . If you can run a marathon you can do ANYTHING. Does anything include the CPA exam too? I truly hope so because I’ve done 2 full marathons, 11 half marathons, and I coach long distance runners 3 times a week. I love running and the discipline it requires but so far the CPA exam has been harder than any race or any training day I’ve ever had. I guess I should start over. My name is Alex and I graduated from college in 2011 with a Masters of Accounting, quickly after that I started at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, with all hopes of passing my CPA exam the first year and getting that sweet bonus, but unfortunately life happened. After leaving Big 4 to go to a smaller firm and hopefully a better quality of life, I again decided to pursue the exam but […]

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Translating Accounting Skills to the CPA Exam

Aida is a . For this post, I would like to cover the work related topic. I am in staff position at big public corporation. One evening while preparing for REG section I started thinking if technical or soft skills are more important for the accounting profession. That is what I’d like to discuss below. A lot of people come out from universities with master’s degrees and with very poor communication and presentation skills. At the workplace I often face the situations where the communication is a key for resolving an issue. Sometime the problem itself arises because of miscommunication. Soft skills are not easy to quantify, however they facilitate the relationships, help people to become leaders. On the other hand, no matter how great communicator one is – the argument won’t have its weight if there is no technical point behind it. I believe its hard skills that define […]

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Frustrated and Tired: The New REG Exam Format

Rollie is a . NINJA’s… I took REG on July 1st and it was the first time with the new testing format. Hence, I struggled with time management and how much time to leave for the sims. I walked out tired and exhausted – and kind of annoyed and angry. I ran a couple errands before heading home to my small town so I wouldn’t have road rage on Interstate 29. I also contemplated a road beer and my odds of getting pulled over … but I can’t bring myself to break the law. I have no idea how I did and now I have to wait until the middle of September to find out. I spent the afternoon in the hot, South Dakota summer pulling Quack grass in frustration. Visited my Grandma-in-law and she said “it looks like you need a beer” when I walked in. Why was I […]

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Changes to AUD Studies with New Exam Format

Joe is a . I sat for AUD this morning. I wish I could tell you that it went great, but I usually leave with the same feeling of not knowing how I did each time I leave one of these exams. I thought I failed BEC (scored 80). I thought I did not do so well on REG (scored 85). So I’ll just say that it was very hard and I hope I passed. This was my first exam under the new format and I did notice substantial difference in my methods of taking the exam. I have been practicing taking 35 NINJA MCQ in one sitting for about a month now. I did this in order to train my brain to prepare for the exam and it seemed to work out very well. By practicing 35 questions at a time I was able to efficiently and effective get […]

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