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Extra Steps: The CPA Exam for International Students

Aida is a . Today’s topic is the CPA Exam for international students. There are multiple requirements for candidates to meet in order to sit for the CPA exam. In my opinion, the most difficult requirement to complete is educational. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Russia and completed a Master’s program in the US. So, in order to complete the educational requirement, I needed to have my Russian degree evaluated and the credits transferred into the American system. This meant my Russian university had to send a translated transcript to NASBA. Once that was done it took about two weeks for NASBA to finish the evaluation. When they were finished, they sent the results to me as well as to the committee which decides if you are eligible to sit for the exam. I have to say that evaluation is very reasonable – almost all of my classes counted towards the […]

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Summer Distractions+ Studying for the CPA Exam

Rollie is a . I am making my way through MCQ during this blistering and warm June. I see progress as I get closer to the July 1st testing date, but with summer in full swing there are many ways to get distracted from studying for the CPA Exam. Let’s take a look at some: Perennials need watering. Let’s go outside! Darn Quack grass is invading my lawn. Let’s go outside! Nice day to sit on the porch and have a beer. Let’s go outside! We received an inch of rain from a storm. Grass needs mowing. Let’s go outside! Garage Sale down the street. Let’s go outside! Bird Feeders need filling. Wouldn’t want our squirrels to go hungry… Let’s go outside! Mulch was on sale at Lowes. Better put it down. Let’s go outside! Severe Thunderstorm is rolling in. Let’s go outside! (full disclaimer – I know this is a really […]

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The Long Wait for REG Score + Moving on with AUD

Christina is a . I’m studying for AUD right now. I understand why REG score release is taking so long for Q2 exams, but it’s still frustrating. The past week I’ve had a hard time focusing on studying for AUD because I wonder whether or not I passed REG. I know I shouldn’t  focus on it, but I’ve failed every single exam once; I don’t like moving on without knowing if I passed or not. It’s not like I have a choice, but I don’t have to like it. We took our kids to NY for our birthday weekend and I’m exhausted. In doing that, I took a break from studying so I could get over the score release dates. I’m back to work and back to studying. Thankfully, the last day of school is Friday, so for a couple of months I can focus on studying and not studying and […]

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Applying FAR Exam Studies to the Real World

Joe is a . If you’re working full time, it can be tough to find time to study the recommended three times a day. Have you ever thought about using your current job to prepare for the CPA exam? If you work as an auditor, in a GL department, preparing taxes for a small CPA firm or in another accounting role, you can use your job to turn everyday responsibilities into learning opportunities. As an accounting manager for a public company, I get many chances to work with outside auditors on both audit and SOX related issues directly related to AUD. I review journal entries, depreciation schedules, and financial statements relating directly to FAR. Think about how your daily work applies to the exam. How you can make your understanding of the materials stronger by doing your day-to-day tasks? As the CPA exam evolves, it’s become more focused on real world scenarios than memorizing lists, terms or definitions. What better […]

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