Picking Up and Moving Forward after BEC Score

20 Apr 2017


Aida is a NINJA CPA blogger.

My BEC score was 74. I'm disappointed, but I am not down and will retake the test in a month.

Unfortunately, now I have to get comfortable with a new exam format so I went to the AICPA web-site to check what the new task-based simulations look like in BEC.

They don't seem hard at all – my only concern is that those tasks could be very time consuming. Each task has additional tabs with “Resources” like some kind of financial statement or a contract.

I believe I failed on my essay section. Multiple choices are something I was comfortable with, but on the essay I concentrated on the content more rather than on keywords and I think that was a problem.

Requesting a re-score is something I considered, but was told that it is not worth it: it costs around $150-$200 and there is 1% chance that you actually will get additional points.

I will keep you updated.

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