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Four Weeks In: How I’m Studying for REG

Aida is a . I am on the fourth week of studying REG. So far it feels pretty good– I’ve already covered ethics and responsibilities, half of business law and individual taxation. This is what I’ve learned during the process: I split the computer screen so that I can see multiple resources at the same time in the simulation section (you can try it in the AICPA sample exam). I made notecards and stuck them under the keyboard at work. Every 15 minutes I grab one and test myself to see if I remember the content of the notecard. Unfortunately, I am now skipping lunches with my colleagues at work – instead I spend an hour or so to go through multiple choices. I believe (a colleague at work confirmed this) the exam covers conceptual legal concepts versus percentages and numbers that change every year. Try to identify your weakest […]

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Taking Notes while Studying with the REG NINJA Audio

Joe is a . The REG NINJA Audio is a tool I use to give me an extra edge on exam day. I passed both BEC and REG on the first try and I am convinced the NINJA audio was instrumental in my success. Listening to the notes over and over again is very helpful, as Jeff makes the material as interesting as possible. I won’t forget the parts of the unmodified audit report after hearing Jeff shout ““TIMAA!!!!” Since I am a family man I find it easy to remember all of the analogies about him and his 7 children. The material is excellent and to the point. One key to my success has been taking notes while listening to the Audio, I will sit down and listen to all of the material over a couple of days. The only difficult part is pausing and replaying, I’ve found it is […]

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Waiting until Next Quarter for the AUD Exam

Kimberly is a . I’m a little bummed I didn’t sit for AUD this quarter as planned. I wasn’t as ready as I know I need to be. In the past, I’ve taken exams and passed them (and then lost them) several times. I don’t know anyone who is 100% confident going into an exam. However, there’s a feeling you get when you know you’ve done all you can to prepare. When you’re prepared, even if something new shows up on the exam, you know enough to fight your way through. I’ve felt that way when I passed an exam, but haven’t had that feeling while studying for AUD. I planned to sit on May 31, but life events and celebrations took me away from my study routine. Ultimately, I didn’t think I could pull it off. Although I trend at 85% with NINJA MCQ on most AUD topics, I didn’t have time to […]

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Buckling Down + Moving Closer to Passing REG

Rollie is a . NINJAs, Sorry for being a whiny and demotivated pain in the butt lately. With some self-realization, I have changed up my study plan: I am scheduled for REG on July 1st; no excuses. I hate paying the 35 dollar change fee, so motivation is there not to cancel. Around May 20th, I reset my NINJA MCQ stats and am now pounding through individual topics until they are stuck in my head. I’ve cut my time on Reddit, Pinterest and Facebook in half. It was too easy to get distracted. By cutting out social media, there’s more time to study at work. The good new is —  it’s starting to sink in! Again, sorry for being a whiny and demotivated pain in the butt with all my negative and not fun blog posts. Moving forward, I am going to continue this strategy of individual topics until 2 weeks out. […]

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