Finding a New Schedule While Studying for the CPA Exam

19 Aug 2015


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Why does life seem extra busy when you are trying to get stuff done?

My to do list seems to grow instead of shrink. That is if I make a to do list.

I am finding that I am not even getting to the items on my list so why create one?

Work has been crazy since we are finalizing 2nd quarter reports and payroll returns. Thankfully as of today things are complete and things will calm down (a little) there.

Of course a new month is starting so my task list at work starts over. A never ending cycle

This week has been filled with craziness at work and then adjusting to a new study schedule. I've been going to sleep dreaming of demand and supply curves.

I'm trying my best to nail the concepts before hitting the multiple choice questions. I've been reading the NINJA book taking a few notes on my own and working through the[A71 product=”notes”] NINJA Notes.

I feel like I am not getting anywhere fast but I have to remember this is a marathon not sprint. I have to use my time wisely and focus as much as I can.

On to another week.

Spousal Insight

It seems very weird to watch my wife get back into the swing of studying, as if she is back in college. However, it is nice to see her getting back into it.

It has been a very rough week as we are both trying to figure out a new schedule, as well as find time to help her mom sell her house. This literally is like playing “Topple” if you remember that game.

So, while she is studying, I find myself in a precarious spot. On one hand I need to make sure my wife is taken care of, and on the other hand I need to make sure the kids are taken care of and the house is at least somewhat maintained.

It truly is a balancing act, one that is going to be remembered forever.

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