Moving Forward + Ready to be Done with BEC

04 Feb 2016


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

A new testing window is here and I have already fallen behind. I had my exam set up for end of January but talked myself out of it.

I am finding it hard to get motivated to study. I thought setting the date would light the fire and make me study but no such luck.

Due to busy season and lack of confidence I have moved the test back into February.

Despite working hours, I am going to be working on the NINJA MCQs daily and rewriting NINJA Notes. Here is to having BEC done and over with once and for all.

Spousal Insight

I think one of the hardest tasks amongst anyone taking any professional exam, is getting motivated after taking a little time off. That time off could have been for any number of reasons. I think the CPA exam is one that makes it difficult because there is a down month. So by its very nature you have a time off period.

So as a spouse how do you help them get back in the groove? That is a priceless question. The answer really is finding those time to remind them to study. Maybe a reminder of the last exam score.

In the case of NINJA there are many parts of the program. In my wife's case the best thing is to get right back into the MCQs. So after work and weekends I am fully expecting her to be back in her “cave” answering questions.

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