Cleared Mind: Gearing up for Round Two with AUD

12 Jul 2013


Alex is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs!

Last time I wrote you I found out my AUD score and realized that I would be gearing up for round 2 with the brutal exam. Luckily I have returned from a vacation trip to New Orleans, where I’d never been before, and had a great time getting the exam off my mind and clearing my head.

I am planning on taking the exam near the end of the August window, and am planning on putting in a full 7 – 8 weeks of studying, this time the NINJA way.

I am going to focus the majority of those weeks on Multiple Choice questions and practice exams, as I feel like that is where your bread is buttered with the Audit exam.

If I don’t get a pleasing score after this run through with the deadly beast they call Audit, then I may have to re-think things or try a different approach. I have all of the NINJA tools at my disposal, as well as an online course to study with.

And as always, I am looking for people to study with in the Lexington Area, so get at my on Twitter @AlexCcats and we can suffer together on these beautiful summer days at the Library.

Good Luck to everyone testing in July!

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