REG Study: Lectures and Intense Notes

16 Dec 2013


Alex is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


I recently just started studying for the Regulation exam, and there is a lot of information to memorize. I am still going through all of the videos currently and taking intense notes.

I am just noticing that this section may require quite a bit more note taking than audit; however that may be due to that fact that I do some internal audit at my full time job.

I am currently looking for new employment, as I have been working full time as a corporate accountant / internal auditor and would like to get into the public accounting field. I am hoping to start a new job at the beginning of the year, and get a fresh start.

I am absolutely sure this will mean longer hours on the job per week; however, I am young and am looking forward to the challenge.

Good luck to everyone waiting on scores, and Happy Holidays!

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