An Attitude Change to Pass the CPA Exam

31 Jul 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well, hello NINJAs!

I am sorry I haven’t written for a couple weeks. I took my FAR exam, and I have to admit that there were some simulations that I was not prepared for. I am just hopeful that I was able to get enough points for a pass.

I am trying to not stress out too much about how well I felt I did, all I can do now is leave my score in the hands of the “AICPA gods” and hope for the best.

After much thought I have decided that there has to be a correct attitude about this test. I think we all have to realize that this is a passable test. I have decided that at some point on this journey we all have to decide to make a attitude change from can/can’t pass to will/will not pass.

It is not a matter of if I can or cannot, but rather a matter of will or will not. The first is an attitude where we leave the passing of the test to fate, or at least hope we will get luck on some given exam. The second is one where we are glad for a little luck, but realize that it is all up to us individually if we pass or not.

So, I am trying to make this shift and I hope you can too. I think when you do make it happen then you really put in the time to learn this material to pass. Until next time!

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