AUD Exam Last Week + Waiting for Score before Moving on

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Hello again my fellow CPA NINJA assassins! That’s right, I said assassins. I ran across an article last week that enlightened me a bit.

When you see a ninja today they are traditionally garbed in a close fitting black costume. (And when I say “today” I am of course referring to Halloween. Please do not go dressed up as a ninja to your test. Even if you are a true ninja I am pretty sure they would call the cops as you started wielding your blade. This would also mean you definitely would not be testing! Just a thought.)

Anyways, apparently ninja’s used to dress in blue. It seems that it was better for blending into the dark background. Fact or fiction? I am not sure, but good to know when I go on the prowl in the future. You say you have never seen me on the prowl? That’s right … I am a real ninja!

Ok, all funny stuff aside. I took audit this last week. What a test! (But I say about the same thing after every test.) If you have been reading my past articles you should know that I had a little less time getting ready for this exam that I would have liked. I still went in feeling pretty ready.

The first set of MCQs were pretty good. I marked about 4 of them I was unsure of. I moved onto the next set of MCQs and noticed an increase in difficulty. I think I marked around 7-9 of those. On the third set I marked around 7, and that was when I stopped marking questions.

Either this means I was grossly unprepared or I got some really tough ones!

I felt pretty good going into my sims. I felt like I did really well on my MCQs and I was confident in my ability to tackle some sims. When I got to the sims I started looking through them for something I felt I could tackle first. After scanning them all, I realized I was screwed.

I knew the material, but not in the minute detail they were asking. I thought to myself “Are you kidding me???” I either wanted to bawl like a little baby or throw my monitor across the room. The longer I worked on the sims the more I wanted to throw the monitor. I thought I knew this stuff better!

Well, I was able to tackle the research pretty quick and I did my best with the information I was given. I think on this exam that there is a lot less calculation than memorization, as opposed to other sections like FAR and REG.

I did my best to select answers that matched the questions and I can only hope I did well enough on the MCQs to make up for my difficulty on the sims. But in all reality, who leaves their test thinking “Man, I nailed that test!”?

I have decided to wait for my score this time. I have been pushing pretty hard lately. I had to sit for AUD or my NTS would expire. Now I play the waiting game. If I pass I will move onto my last section, BEC. If not I will study again, as the information is still fresh, for my re-match with AUD.

Well, it is time to go. Good luck my fellow ninja assassins! Never give up and never surrender!

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Nicki Smith 9 years ago

I feel like I'm in the same place. Playing the waiting game to see if I passed...just to decide what I will study next. But I am waiting on BEC. Good luck!

Benjamin Langley 9 years ago

Thanks Nicki! I found out I passed AUD with a 77. Now onto BEC!